Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Weekends Shmeekends

At times when we don't have plans on weekends but still feel like going out, our best bet is the nearby mall where Raees gets to play with his 3 favourite play area - the escalators, ramps and open space.

My, my..he is a handful. He cannot stop walking. Even if he's in his stroller, he wants to be on the move. So a day out with Raees is focused on entertaining him. I don't think we ever get the chance to go shopping with him around.

I feel like bringing Raees to the movies but I'm afraid of what might unfold in the cinema. Since he is able to sit still while watching Sesame Street at home, maybe we could try watching an animated movie? Rio perhaps? Look interesting. he ready? Or will we waste our tickets and a good movie?


KuNanGKuNanG said...

happy family..:)

Thara said...

u'll never know until u try! worse come to worse, there's always the teetotheteetee to the rescue! :D

ameris said...

seronok melayan kerenah raees

CHeeSYaNa said...

You should try! But make sure dont put so much hope utk dapat tgk movie tu sampai habis! Oh.. make sure ambik couple seat so that the boy tak kacau org sebelah :)