Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harry Makes A Comeback!

The fluffiest, fattest, most charming cat I have at home is macho kitty named Harry. This male cat has always been such gentleman with the other female cats at home, that happen to be his mom and sisters.

One day, he wondered around to the next door neighbour's house which is under construction. Our maid knew this and didn't make the effort to take him back coz she was 'shy' with the guys there. That was an unacceptable excuse! She is known to be quite friendly with guys and even hog on the phone with man (sadly she has that luxury). Even so, she could've just informed us and we could go over and take him back!

To make a long story short, Harry didn't come back :(

On 15 April 2011, about one month since Harry left, we lost another pet. Our goldfish, Talbot, which lived in our kitchen for 3 months.

But as fate would have it, that very same morning, the familiar but weak sound of Harry's meow was heard. He found his way back! Boy, he looked like a totally different cat!

Stinky, mulnurished and falling fur - but still our Harry!

He was bathed and fed. He ate like he had never had food before. Who knows where he went, what he went through and how he was treated.

As much as he tries to go close to his mom, Paris, he couldn't. She wasn't happy. Merajuk I guess. Such drama in that cat cage.

So I brought him to our vet over the weekend and told the doctor to do apa2 yang patut to get Harry back to his old self.

He has ear mites - a sign that he mixed around with stray cats. He was given a jab and we were told to seperate him from the others in order to avoid infection. Got him some supplements and he should be fat again in no time! Phew!

Now Harry has to stay in the cage for 2 weeks and all he has to do is sleep and eat. Ahh..good life, eh Harry? :)


Zul said...

dulu kucing saya 2 ekor Persian hilang, dan samapi sekarang x balik2, pandai Harry ni balik! god job harry!

amirah said...

wonder where he's been all this while? ermmm..sian harry..but lucky harry..dah jumpa jln pulang

ameris said...

pity 2 Harry...

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin...

nmpknya kene kuarantin dulu la kucing tu...huhuhu..

Anonymous said...

ala ciannye harry ;(
mst ase terharu sgt kan harry da balik..
smg cepat sembuh n gemox back! said...

rees x takut kucing ke irin? nasib baik still alive ur harry!

Yaati Nor said...

sian harry..bibik tu malu dengan pekerja indon yg tgh buat umah sebelah la tu..takut kena ngorat kot..heheheheh bibik irin muda belia kot..pape pun dah selamat semuanya..

rara said...

wow he came back after 1 month? amazing!!

my cat went missing for 2 weeks.. he ran away from the vet.. boleh tak?
and one night, to our surprise, he came back! but yeah.. cats have homing abilities.. :)