Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Amazing Mr. Mars

It has been ages since I last wrote about music kan? Besides my karaoke that is :D

R&B is my kind of music. It began just after school when I fell in love with Boyz II Men's amazing harmony and the head-thumping base that goes with R&B music. I was happy to follow local acts like Innuendo, VE and Ruffedge that were influenced by the same international acts I like. Too bad they couldn't sustain in the local music industry.

Anyway, recently another international act totally caught my attention - Bruno Mars. It started with the song "Billionaire". I was more into it after watching the Glee version of that song. His single "Just The Way You Are" went into the gerenti-cair-if-Mer-sings-to-me list. Hehe!

He reminds me of the late MJ, the more current version.

Then one day on the way to work, a song played on the radio that just blew me away - "I'd catch a grenade for ya..." I kept wondering who the heck is this guy with the mad vocals? Waddaya know it was none other than Mr. Mars!

One day after putting Raees to sleep, I quietly went on YouTube to watch his video clip (I don't tune to MTV as often) and I came across this instead...

I got goosebumps listening to it! Seriously even if you're not a fan, after listening to this you might just be one!

I know this frust-menonggeng song as being upbeat and filled with 'anger'. But this version really teased its viewers. I was waiting for the point where the drums would come in and guitars will go blaring to portray the disappointment and anger associated with the song. But each time I thought that was coming, the song remained as subdued as possible. It totally changed the whole feel of the song - it seemed more sad rather than furious. What amazed me even more was Bruno Mars' mad vocals were as mad when he sings live!

From that point on, ladies and gentlemen, I was hooked. Got my hands on his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, which has been playing on loop in the car and at work.

But wait a minute, the best is yet to come. I found out the man himself is coming to Malaysia in April!! His concert will be held around my wedding anniversary so I know what I want already, baby! (wait..that didn't sound right. not asking for a baby for my anniversary.) Yes, it will be a dream come true if I could attend Bruno Mars' concert (after not attending any concerts for the last...4 years? I think, I lost track.)

If I was blown away by the studio version of his songs and jaw-droppingly-impressed with his live performance as seen on YouTube, imagine what it would be like to see him perform in a live concert! Hey, mommies need time off from work and kids too, you know. It's just once in a blue moon :) Who knows when such opportunity will come again, kan?


ZuRin said...

Yeah have to agree with you Irin, he's amazing...vocals and songs. I'm a new fan of him. Even my son loves to sing a long to his song Just The Way You's a our anthem now! Enough said, will get his album ASAP. He's coming over? Weehooo..!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

i'm a new fan too! do get his album. it's worth it ;)

`BaHa` said...

hey, same hereee! i love him because his songs and lyrics and wondering best gile if my husband wrote those lyrics for me haha

mama said...

i like his vocals too! actually i saw ur tweet abt this the other day and i was having the same craze at that point of time too! :p yes, definitely Grenade, Just the Way You Are, Count on me, Talking to the moon :D

faizah sukeri said...

wow.sedap jgk suara dia nie.mcm MJ pon ade gak..

Aireen Radzak said...

Kak Putri, do u know where we can buy the tix to his concert? da lama da Aireen cari, tp xtau nak beli kat mana. takut sold out je :(

Fariha Nuri said...

kak irin...mmg kan!..this version of grenade mmg buat kite goosebumps!! stands out his vocal,

gile byg dgn bruno mars..hahaha..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Baha: kaaannn? Very2 talented.

Mama: yay! Good to know other moms share the same interest in music :)

Faizah: tu lah! Walaupun music lain dari MJ tapi ada something yg lebih kurang.

Aireen: tak tau lah. Dok cari jugak ni :(

Fariha: yea sedap giler version ni! Tgk byk Kali pun tak boring :D