Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 Legs

Woah! How long has it been since my last update? Way too long for my standards. I have a good reason for it...really!

Since 2009 I got myself involved in 2 programmes - hosting for WHI and reporting for Majalah 3 (now producing for MagSeven). Since I appear on WHI average once a week, I was still able to concentrate on my full-time job with Majalah 3/MagSeven.

Now, I've got my leg in another programme. No, not exactly transferred..added! Yes, I am currently juggling between 3 TV programmes. The additional one demands more of my time and effort.

Within one week, I've gone to Banting, Perak and Johor! In between my travelling, I also hosted WHI and finalized an episode of MagSeven. I've been given the trust to produce the show so it ain't easy to finalize an episode of a documentary, I tell you that. If you're wondering again, yes, all of the above took place in exactly a week.

Now about this new show I'm doing..it's a lil early to reveal just yet. What I can say is, the first episode will be aired on 6 April 2011. I've shot 3 episodes so far (again, in just 1 week) and it has been a life-changing experience for me. I'm so tempted to share with you all right now, but I'll wait til the time is right. Maybe this picture can give you a lil idea...

The 3-programme period will not go on forever though. The transition goes gradually and by mid April, I may be released from WHI. In the mean time, I have to ensure I get to juggle the 3 responsibilities put upon me. There are clashes already and a lot of changes in schedule had to be made. Despite the workload, I'm happy with the career progress I'm making. Alhamdulillah...

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

3-Mall Marathon

The other day daddy came back early and dressed me up nicely to fetch mommy from work. Little did I know after that we were going on a marathon spanning 3 separate malls! Note, no strollers used throughout the day. I had the luxury of walking and running - 2 things I do best! We started off at The Curve and walked through Ikano to go to Ikea for dinner. We went through all the floors via escalators/travellators and lifts. We really explored the place. On our way, I found myself a neat ride...

For dinner, I shared the salmon with mommy but I was more interested in the side dish - long beans! Did you know that it is one of my favourite food of all time? People say the more long beans you eat, the taller you become. Mommy on the other hand isn't a big fan of them delicious beans. No wonder she is vertically challenged.

After dinner we continued exploring the 3 malls...again through all the floors. I walked all the way until I got a lil bit crazy when I saw the escalators. I couldn't resist them and go running to go on. There were many occasions where mommy waited at one spot while daddy brought me up and down the lovely escalators, just for the sake of it.

Although I walked a lot that day, there were no pictures taken of me in action on my own 2 feet. Why? Because I like to walk in the middle while holding both mommy's and daddy's hands. So they didn't have the chance to snap. But there were plenty of time to snap pictures while I was on the Excavator Zap!

I think we spent about 1 and 1/2 hours just walking aimlessly, going up and down and around the 3 malls...until I got really exhausted. I didn't even bother to wriggle myself down when we went on the escalator this time...

Off we went to the baby room where I had milk...and then everything went blank.

Yes, I was that tired! I didn't even wake up when mommy carried me...

...and went across the mall (in her heels) to our car that was located about 300 meters away.

I think she had cramps on her arms after carrying 12kg me. Well, that's her workout for the week!

It was a great family outing indeed. The simplest things can be so much fun for me, kan? :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Confessions Of A Teenage Lady

I feel like I have to share this particular issue that is very sensitive to me. No pictures will be included because just writing about it is difficult enough. But I want to. Don't know why. What am I rambling about? Teenage-hormone-blaring-skin.

I am one of those girls who's been battling with skin problem since puberty. It goes on and off. At times my skin may be flawless, at times it would be bad. Trust me, I've tried all the tricks in the book, so many different products and petua but if it decides to come out, there's nothing much I can do. I've always had oily skin. You can fry an egg with the amount of oil I produce.

Even my scalp gets oily real fast too. Despite using scalp oil control shampoo, I still need to wash my hair on a daily basis. What can I say, I'm just good at producing oil! Anyways, back to my skin. I didn't know how BAD was bad until recently when I had my worst breakout ever.

It all happened very suddenly when I had chicken pox. It was mainly hormone-driven because after the very bad breakout, I would get my period the following week. Being on TV, I had so much at stake. During the very bad times, not many close ups of me were taken during WHI as it seemed obvious on screen. This went on for about one and a half months before I decided I needed medical intervention.

The dermatologist was about to prescribe a medication that could guarantee problem-free skin within weeks but it is not suitable for pregnant/breastfeeding ladies. I could've decided to wean Raees and take the medication. As desperate as I may have been, I was not ready to wean my boy. So I was prescribed antibiotics instead, which made healing a little slower.

When treating skin problem, it gets bad before it gets better. The first month on antibiotic prescribed, it didn't seem to show any difference. No amount of make up was able to cover up what was going on at the surface of my skin. I had to hold on to my dignity and face the world as confident as possible.

By the 6th week, just in time for an important job, my skin showed vast improvement. Although the scars were still there, I could easily hide them with make up. Now 3 months on my treatment, I can safely say I am happy with my skin. Scars are almost gone. Although there are occasional minor breakouts, those are pretty much manageable.

I may not be struggling with weight, but God is fair. Nobody is perfect and there's always a kekurangan in each and every one of us. Now you know what mine is.

I know I said I'm not gonna post any pictures but I changed my mind. Here's an 'after' picture and you can keep on imagining how the 'before' looked like.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Introducing MagSeven

Making documentaries gives me the ultimate satisfaction as journalist. I get to explore and indulge into certain topics in detail (rather than on the surface like news). It's more than just reporting. It involves story telling, like a movie but in reality.

During my 3 years with MedikTV, I became half a doctor as I learned about various health issues. I brought my experience to Majalah 3 and came up with a few health-related stories. That's the sweet thing about what I do. I have the opportunity to propose stories that are of my interest. Soon I also became a specialist in animal and military-related stories.

For 2011, I've been transfered to a new documentary called MagSeven. It is somewhat similar to Majalah 3 but MagSeven has a different target group - urban adult. The half hour english programme is purely documentary, without a host. Each episode will be produced by different producers. We have 5 producers in the team including myself - some of them with experience doing Majalah 3, Jejak Rasul and other core documentaries.

Oh wait, did I just mention that I am one of the producers? Hehe, yes! I've been given the responsibility to sit in the producer's seat for the first time! It is a promising sign for my career. What more, I will be producing the first episode of MagSeven. I was told by colleagues that it's suppose to set the benchmark. Oh, great...add more pressure to me, thanks! I also have to go on two morning talkshows this week to promote the show. The first episode will be aired this Sunday at 3.30pm on NTV7 (FYI, now that we are known as Primework Studios, we produce programmes for all TV channels, not just TV3.)

What is the first episode about, you ask? Well, the title is The Making Of The Champion Cat (cats, animals = my kinna thing). It's about how one cat lover would go to great lengths for the comfort of her cats and to win in cat competitions. You'll be amazed I tell ya! First class treatment all the way!

So please make a date with MagSeven this weekend and support my first ever self-produced programme. Meow! Thank you!

Poster and cat pictures credit to www.kittunkatz.com

The Amazing Mr. Mars

It has been ages since I last wrote about music kan? Besides my karaoke that is :D

R&B is my kind of music. It began just after school when I fell in love with Boyz II Men's amazing harmony and the head-thumping base that goes with R&B music. I was happy to follow local acts like Innuendo, VE and Ruffedge that were influenced by the same international acts I like. Too bad they couldn't sustain in the local music industry.

Anyway, recently another international act totally caught my attention - Bruno Mars. It started with the song "Billionaire". I was more into it after watching the Glee version of that song. His single "Just The Way You Are" went into the gerenti-cair-if-Mer-sings-to-me list. Hehe!

He reminds me of the late MJ, the more current version.

Then one day on the way to work, a song played on the radio that just blew me away - "I'd catch a grenade for ya..." I kept wondering who the heck is this guy with the mad vocals? Waddaya know it was none other than Mr. Mars!

One day after putting Raees to sleep, I quietly went on YouTube to watch his video clip (I don't tune to MTV as often) and I came across this instead...

I got goosebumps listening to it! Seriously even if you're not a fan, after listening to this you might just be one!

I know this frust-menonggeng song as being upbeat and filled with 'anger'. But this version really teased its viewers. I was waiting for the point where the drums would come in and guitars will go blaring to portray the disappointment and anger associated with the song. But each time I thought that was coming, the song remained as subdued as possible. It totally changed the whole feel of the song - it seemed more sad rather than furious. What amazed me even more was Bruno Mars' mad vocals were as mad when he sings live!

From that point on, ladies and gentlemen, I was hooked. Got my hands on his debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans, which has been playing on loop in the car and at work.

But wait a minute, the best is yet to come. I found out the man himself is coming to Malaysia in April!! His concert will be held around my wedding anniversary so I know what I want already, baby! (wait..that didn't sound right. not asking for a baby for my anniversary.) Yes, it will be a dream come true if I could attend Bruno Mars' concert (after not attending any concerts for the last...4 years? I think, I lost track.)

If I was blown away by the studio version of his songs and jaw-droppingly-impressed with his live performance as seen on YouTube, imagine what it would be like to see him perform in a live concert! Hey, mommies need time off from work and kids too, you know. It's just once in a blue moon :) Who knows when such opportunity will come again, kan?