Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walking In Giant Shoes

I have a few of my own shoes but nothing beats walking in other people's footwear! At home I love borrowing Tok Wan's indoor slippers and walk/glide around the house in them as someone holds my hands.

When I'm at Tok Ma's house the other day, I found a nice pair of shoes belonging to my uncle that I couldn't resist trying on. Here I am trying to balance myself, legs wide apart...

They are heavier than Tok Wan's slippers. I attempted to walk in them and waddaya know, I can!!

Ooops, a bit sexy there *shy*


sarah kalam said...

the big foot syndrom also goes to my lil doter nearly the same age as Raees..
diorg x sabar nk besar~~ :)

Hajarul Falenna said...

what a kiddo huh.hehe

Along said...

Can. He. Be. Any. More. Adorable. Than. This? *happy tears*

azanullah said...

ini kasut sayaaa! hehehhe. comel je

dbalkis said...

my son pun sama tak hengat siap pakai heels mama..bila kita konon2 nk pakai shoes die lokek pulak..

Fathiha Fadzli said...

omg....Raees looking so cuteee....:)

Anonymous said...

hi irin, if you dont mind sharing, what type breastpump that you used?
I tgh survey what brand should i buy.

Thanks :)

lily lotus said...

dah mcm kasut mcdonald jer..hihihi..cute :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

sarah: hehe very cute kan budak2 tak sabar besar ni?

hajarul: :D

along: :')

ali: pinjam sekejap pls!

dbalkis: heels? ahaha..lagilah!

fathiha: i pun geram tengok :D

anonymous: i'm using medela pump in style. bulky to bring around but it does its job.

lily: hehe..raees mmg suka kasut mcD gini :)