Monday, February 07, 2011

Sesame Street Parties!

Did you know that in the month of January I attended two of my buddies' birthday party and they both had the best theme in the whole wide world? Sesame Street! Yeahhh!

First was my buddy Hasif. Believe it or not, it was the first time we met! There were probably three occasions where we wanted to meet up before but something always came up. Well, better late than never right? Anyways, we were late for the party coz it was raining cats and dogs. Luckily we managed to get there before the party ended.

Some of the perks of coming late:

1) got more attention from the host of the party/birthday boy
2) there was no need to fight for my chance at the play area
3) it stopped raining

So I conquered the inflatable castle...

As the birthday boy came to join me in the castle, something else grabbed my attention.

BALLS! Lots and LOTS of balls!

I didn't care what was happening around me as I submerged myself in the pool filled with hundreds of colourful balls.

Then a cute gal joined me in the pool. We got along quite well. See how happy I made her? :)

Next was my buddy Ilhan's party. We met during his aqiqah when he was still a very tiny baby. Little did I know, he was already celebrating his first birthday!

I was quite shy at the party. I didn't mix around with others that much and cling on mommy most of the time.

And then I saw something familiar not far away. Something colourful moving around...

GOLDFISH! Just like Ernie and Bert's! Weee...I couldn't get my hands off them fish. I used to see them on TV everyday (during my daily dose of Sesame Street DVD sessions) and then there are real goldfish right in front of my eyes!

When it was time to take a photo with the birthday boy, I was attracted with the cute variety of signage that were on the table. I grabbed one that says 'Happy Birthday Ilhan!'... a way to wish him, well..a happy birthday! That little fella was esthetic! See...

But because he was too cute, I got so geram and wanted to knock him with the signage instead!

Look how dramatic he got! Haha! Funny guy...I was just joking buddy!

Before we left, we were given these super cute personalized calendars as remembrance...

And not forgetting my very own GOLDFISH! Wee!

Up until today, the little goldfish swims around happily in the glass bowl in the kitchen. It's also mommy's first goldfish ever! We name it, Talbot, after Bert and Ernie's goldfish.


Thara said...

hehe this looks fun! and i can't help but to notice that raees also had an elmo shirt on him! :D and i love that picture of you that u took during ilhan's aqiqah. very pretty! and ilhan is such a cute, chubby baby, isnt he? gerammm tengok tangan dia! :P anyways, again, nak kurus macam u pls! :D

Little BlueBird said... lucky raees attented the nice party goldfish hows the fish...?

amirah said...

wow...auntie suka sgt ur cute! and auntie know you had so much fun at the the parties' theme too!

Fathiha Fadzli said...

lovely...lovely bufday party!:)
i love the calendar....a thoughtful one!

lily lotus said...

cool theme :) wahhh..enjoy sakan ur lil boy ekk

Suliana said...

bestnya.. enjoy betul raees kan :-)

IRIN PUTRI said...

thara: it was the first time raees wore that elmo t-shirt. and thanks! i actually felt very comot during the aqiqah. haha! yeah, ilhan is definitely one chubby little boy. should see when he stuffed his face with choc cake. cute gila!

bluebird: fish sihat dan happy! kerja dia makaaaan je. buat business pulak banyak kali. hehe..

amirah: thank you! the t-shirt was a gift for raees' 1st birthday :)

fathiha: kan? personalised lagi tu..

lily, suliana: sangat enjoy! dia suka bola. sebesar2 exercise ball sampai bola ping pong semua dia main.