Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Party Time!

My company, Primeworks Studios, officially welcomed our new CEO, Ahmad Izham Omar.

I've been a fan of his work since his Positive Tone, Innuendo days. After that he became the COO of 8TV. Heck, the reason I submitted my resume to 8TV 7 years ago was because I wanted the chance to work with him (then TV3 hired me instead).

After all these years, I finally get my chance to work with that talented man!

Anyways, back to his welcome celebration. Being a bunch of outgoing people, we welcomed him the way Primemovers do best - a party!

Although I haven't had a proper conversation with him, I believe he is as funny as his tweets. Which CEO gives the peace sign and does the robot dance when his name is announced?
Our guest artist for the day, Faizal Tahir performed on the modest stage in the middle of our office. Amazing singer right there! Although Mr. CEO thinks his pitch lari.

I only had bread for lunch to save some space in my tummy for the party food. As expected, there were LOADS of food contributed by the different divisions in the company. Just look at my plate.
Thought of getting a little bit of everything but there were just too many to choose!

One thing's for sure, I couldn't resist the desserts. And there were more! I think got sugar high.

It's days like these that reminds me why I love my job :)

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*updated with more pictures for your viewing pleasure, credit to Phyzha.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finally Swimming Again

Can you believe it, the last time Raees went swimming was June last year?? That was his first experience too. I remember how excited we were as we bought his swimming trunks and float. I also remember Raees' laughter and splashes in the water.

And that was it. I felt like we didn't do justice to the trunks and float. He only used it for just one occasion and for all you know he would outgrow them . So I pestered Mer to bring us to the place where I usually went swimming as a child - at my dad's golf club.

Since the club is in the middle of KL city and Mer being 'allergic' to traffic jams, he required a lot of pestering before we finally made our way (itu pun almost tak jadi, but my sheer determination won).

Besides the Olympic size pool, there's also a 4-ft pool and 2 baby pools. Being there brought back loads of memories of my childhood days. And to be able to bring Raees there is just great :)

I didn't plan to get myself wet from the neck up to save from the trouble of shampooing and reapplying make up. I even had my earrings on throughout the time. I didn't care that I didn't get to swim coz that day wasn't about me.

Raees still loves the pool as much as he did before. And now he's able to kick better, just like a swimmer alright!

After 15-20 minutes, he was obviously tired from the swim...

So into his dinosaur poncho towel he went!

Super cute, kan?

At the end of it Mer said, "This place is nice. We should've came here sooner!" I hate to say this but I told you so! Can't wait for our next swimming session :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walking In Giant Shoes

I have a few of my own shoes but nothing beats walking in other people's footwear! At home I love borrowing Tok Wan's indoor slippers and walk/glide around the house in them as someone holds my hands.

When I'm at Tok Ma's house the other day, I found a nice pair of shoes belonging to my uncle that I couldn't resist trying on. Here I am trying to balance myself, legs wide apart...

They are heavier than Tok Wan's slippers. I attempted to walk in them and waddaya know, I can!!

Ooops, a bit sexy there *shy*

Monday, February 14, 2011

Buak Gapo?

Meet my Uncle Ali. He is daddy's little brother. One of the funniest people I know (after daddy that is). Whenever I'm at Tok Ma's house, the language spoken sounds totally different than what I usually hear. Yes, they are proud to be Kelantanese.

Anyway, back to Uncle Ali. Recently he started blogging! Yeah, he finally decided to join me. But he does it his style. Here's a snippet from his blog, which he cleverly named 'Buak Gapo?'
"Kelik drumoh takdi, kejukkk kawe tgk atah mejo ado skotok buoh lima. siak ado angpau! tanyo ma, 'sapo wi ni ma?' ma jawak 'sapo lagi jire kito lahhh. angpau tu ali punyo' wahhhh, baik sengoti. tiak2 taung wi buoh ngan angpau. umo kawe doh 28, dapak lagi tuh. gebah idung raso mudo lagi..:P"
Do you understand the words that are coming out of that blog? Don't worry, he even made the effort to translate it to ordinary Malay language so you don't have to scratch your head anymore. He told me last night, "now people can learn Kelantan language from my blog" Very noble, isn't he? Maybe I can learn too. Imagine my attempt to say 'buak gapooo?'

So ch-ch-ch-check it out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Milk: Ups And Downs

Have I mentioned that I almost ran out of milk? Can't recall if I told this story before but I'll just share anyway for all you breastfeeding mommas.

I'm not sure whether I did everything right or I'm just lucky to be able to still produce as much milk as I do now.

I don't pump as often as once every 3 hours because of a lot of factors. Usually it's between 4-5 hours. There were times when I would only be able to pump after 7-8 hours! For some people this would lead to a decrease in milk production. But for me, only if it goes on 4-5 days straight then it will show.

After a week out of the 10-days trip to Syria, my milk production was at its worse state. I would be happy if I got 2oz! But I never quit pumping although I came back to Malaysia with almost zero milk. I was already considering formula at this point.

Direct feeding despite milk shortage was difficult. I can tell Raees was frustrated as he bit me oh so often (the agony when he clench his teeth...ouch!).

But he didn't give up and neither did I. I drank 2 glasses of soy milk and 2 cups of choc oat drink per day to help stimulate milk production. After 3 days I got more than 2oz per pumping session. After a week I was back on track with an average of 4-5oz :)

This is where I think I'm lucky. While some people I know may struggle to increase their milk production, I can bounce back and recover with a little effort. Well each body have their own unique way of functioning. I guess mine decides to become a good milk factory. I'm thankful for that. Alhamdulillah :)

At almost 18 months young, Raees is very much a 'booby kid'. He usually falls asleep with milk (and a bit of patting). He still wakes up every 2-3 hours at night to feed. About 6 more months to go till I reach the target. Too early to think about weaning. I will worry about it when the time comes.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Sesame Street Parties!

Did you know that in the month of January I attended two of my buddies' birthday party and they both had the best theme in the whole wide world? Sesame Street! Yeahhh!

First was my buddy Hasif. Believe it or not, it was the first time we met! There were probably three occasions where we wanted to meet up before but something always came up. Well, better late than never right? Anyways, we were late for the party coz it was raining cats and dogs. Luckily we managed to get there before the party ended.

Some of the perks of coming late:

1) got more attention from the host of the party/birthday boy
2) there was no need to fight for my chance at the play area
3) it stopped raining

So I conquered the inflatable castle...

As the birthday boy came to join me in the castle, something else grabbed my attention.

BALLS! Lots and LOTS of balls!

I didn't care what was happening around me as I submerged myself in the pool filled with hundreds of colourful balls.

Then a cute gal joined me in the pool. We got along quite well. See how happy I made her? :)

Next was my buddy Ilhan's party. We met during his aqiqah when he was still a very tiny baby. Little did I know, he was already celebrating his first birthday!

I was quite shy at the party. I didn't mix around with others that much and cling on mommy most of the time.

And then I saw something familiar not far away. Something colourful moving around...

GOLDFISH! Just like Ernie and Bert's! Weee...I couldn't get my hands off them fish. I used to see them on TV everyday (during my daily dose of Sesame Street DVD sessions) and then there are real goldfish right in front of my eyes!

When it was time to take a photo with the birthday boy, I was attracted with the cute variety of signage that were on the table. I grabbed one that says 'Happy Birthday Ilhan!'... a way to wish him, well..a happy birthday! That little fella was esthetic! See...

But because he was too cute, I got so geram and wanted to knock him with the signage instead!

Look how dramatic he got! Haha! Funny guy...I was just joking buddy!

Before we left, we were given these super cute personalized calendars as remembrance...

And not forgetting my very own GOLDFISH! Wee!

Up until today, the little goldfish swims around happily in the glass bowl in the kitchen. It's also mommy's first goldfish ever! We name it, Talbot, after Bert and Ernie's goldfish.