Monday, January 24, 2011

Walking The Terrain

Know what makes this boy happy even without Elmo or playgrounds?


Yes, this future BigWalk participant can walk for a long time and he won't seem tired at all. Remember how he inspected explored my office?

Since Raees has mastered walking and starting to run, he likes to explore challenging terrains i.e. on stones and ramps.

So where do we go for simple, convenient, free and fun time? To our nearby shopping mall! Just go up a few floors, away from heavy traffic and we got ourselves a ramp!

When he first discovered the ramp, he didn't let go of my hand. When he went up the ramp, he was curious with the new terrain. But when he turned around to go back down, he shrieked in delight as the force of gravity kicked in.

Now he is an expert and refuses to hold our hand.

If you hear a shriek the next time you're at that particular mall, just look around the ramps and you might see us there :)


Hidayah said...

that cute shriek is priceless kan hehehe...shud fine one place for my son to do that hehe

Little BlueBird said...

Raees da bole cakap apa?

IRIN PUTRI said...

hidayah: very priceless! jom pegi subang parade :D

bluebird: macam2 dia bebel sekarang. standard dia elmo, mama, dada, nak, jatuh, kasut dan banyak lagi :)

sawanila said...

SALAM PERKENALAN....macam tulah bila budak dapat kaki.. even my crawling baby pun dah tak sabar nak berjalan

Hajarul Falenna said...

careful babe...dia dh pndia brjalan ni mmg susah nak jaga..tmbh2 tmpt crowd

Suliana said...

cute nye.. lenguh la mama mengejar ye raees :-)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Sawanila: yeah seronok tapi penat juga.

Hajarul: kat tempt crowded mmg tak bagi dia Jalan jauh2. Tangan pegang tak lepas.

Suliana: haha memang pun! Exercise ;)