Friday, January 07, 2011

Strangely Big Appetite

Those who follow me on Twitter may realise that I tweet about food quite often. I get hungry quite fast and I eat like nobody's business sometimes. Here are a few examples:
  • Ordered pizza set meal for 4 pax but only 2 people dining
  • Finished off 4 sets of toast in one go
  • Had lunch twice within an hour - both rice base
  • Eat chocolates, cookies, cakes and ice-creams at any time of the day
  • I can go on and on eating home made garlic bread
  • Feel hungry 2 hours after any meal despite not doing much physical activities

I notice nowadays I can't go to shopping malls without buying something to munch. I work just next to a shopping mall and drop by every other day. Although the items I buy don't cost a bomb, I don't have much money left in my purse after a week or two.

I think the culprit to my strange appetite is breastfeeding. Did you know you can burn up to 600 calories a day just by breastfeeding alone? That's equivalent to a two-hour aerobic workout. Cool, eh? :)


Hidayah said...

then why worried? u need all the food all will go away while BF hehe

Hajarul Falenna said...

wow..impressive fact..nak diet kahwin and breastfeeding.haha

Suzie said...

i thot u pregnant lg..hehe..

dbalkis said...

takpe..u kurus Irin. Boleh je mkn banyak..

eina said...'s quiet u still maintain kak eina agree with u..bile kite BF kite mmg sentiasa lapar..walau mkn byk tp body kite maintain je...hehehe

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Faryza said...

wooww.. best nye 600 calori ....
baru dpt blog ni dr WHI tadi.. best baca blog irin.
sy dlm pantang anak ke2 tgh seronok BF n buat EBM

IRIN PUTRI said...

hidayah: not worried. enjoying it as long as badan tak expand :D

hajarul: diet kahwin and breastfeeding? hehe..kalau breastfeeding tak best diet. makan je kasik kenyang.

suzie: belum lagi :)

dbalkis: sekarang selera sangat but janji badan tak besar i ok je.

eina: kannn? best jer boleh makan banyak2 :D

faryza: terima kasih! haaa time ni lah kena pump puas2. nanti memang tak susah nak stock up ebm. good luck! ;)