Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fantastic 5ive

I have been a cat lover ever since I could remember. There was hardly a time when I didn't have a cat in the house at any one time. I usually have 1 loyal house cat. But after getting married (before we had Raees), one thing lead to another, cats started breeding and we had a whole extended family of cats.

We gave away most of them and finally settled down with 6 cats, all spayed/neutered. Then Paris Jr. died a sudden death and we were left with 5.

Then Raees was born and the cats had to take the back seat. Yes, I haven't been paying much attention to them for so long. They even missed their annual vaccination and deworming.

I am in the midst of shooting a documentary about cats. Being around cat lovers who put so much effort in taking care of their kitties just hit me hard. I have been neglecting mine. Don't get me wrong, they are by no means left to fend themselves. They are well taken cared of by my maid. Just not much on my part, though.

So I decided I have to act fast. Most importantly, get them to the vet ASAP for that long overdue vaccination. I've never brought all 5 cats out together. I didn't have enough carriers or cages for them. A simple shoutout on twitter and I got myself an additional cage on loan for the day :)

The veterinarian, who is also a family friend, is located in Gombak. Mer babysit Raees while I brought the cats with my parents. 4 year old Paris, the queen of the cat house, gets the carrier all to herself while the rest shared cages.

I was most worried about 4 year old Leia. She's the most fragile, vulnerable of them all. About 3 years back, she suffered pneumonia and some other illness. She was warded for a week and it was a miracle she managed to pull through. But missing last year's vaccination could pretty much put her at risk.

My fears were confirmed. She has enlarged lymp nodes, a sign that her body is under attack. According to the doctor, it could even be a cronic disease such as cancer. She needs thorough examination at UPM to determine the problem.

Poor Leia! Now I feel really bad. She looks healthy. But who could've figured that her body is silently battling inside. I sure hope she will pull though whatever problem she has, just like she did before.


cik puan akish said...

wahhhh...syantek2 kuceng irin neh...


amirah said...

poor leia..hope she will recover fast

Siti said...

poor the cutie cat...hope everything will be ok

Suliana said...

siannya.. untung kucing dapat tuan mcm irin :-)

Hajarul Falenna said...

owh poor her...=((

Nini D.. said...

Leia....hopefully cepat sehat..kalo citer pasal sakit kucing nih,..memang boleh meleleh air mata!

Anonymous said...

eeei geram nengok..cute arr kucing2nig..gemoks2 lak tuh..bak mai sekor bagi maim ngan maira

IRIN PUTRI said...

akish: thanks! :)

amirah, siti, hajarul: i hope so too. latest test tunjuk dia ada gingivits (sakit gusi). blood test result tak keluar lagi :|

suliana: untung kita dapat kucing2 mcm ni :D

nini: oh memang! dulu kucing mati, nangis tak ingat dunia!

hezrina: gemuk sebab makan banyak! :D