Thursday, January 06, 2011

10 Firsts Of 2010

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone a very happy new year. 2010 was a very eventful year for me, in both career and parenting. The joy of witnessing Raees grow from a tiny baby to the big boy he is now while I enjoy the priviledge of travelling to beautiful places for work.

It was a year of many firsts and here are 10 more...

1. First Babywearing Experience

I discovered the joy of wearing my baby close to me after Raees grew too heavy for me to carry around the house for long periods of time. Thank God he loves to be worn! Since then I've been wearing him around from time to time. Now weighting 11.5kg, he's still wearable although I don't get to do it as often as he prefers to walk independently.

2. First Time Leaving My Boy

I know that working in this line (media) requires me to leave my baby behind for days. I'm grateful that my work schedule worked in my favour as it allowed me to prepare myself and Raees for the inevitable.

Being an exclusively breastfed baby, I started storing milk since Raees was just 1-month young and the stock was enough to feed my boy while I was away.

Since I have the luxury of arranging my own schedule while making sure I meet my deadline, I made sure Raees was eating solids before I left for my first outstation assignment.

It started off with a 3-day assignment to Sabah and soon a 9-day trip to New Zealand and 10-day trip to Syria...and my expressed breast milk was sufficient! Alhamdulillah :)

3. First Tower Jump

I was an instant adrenaline junkie as I stepped foot in New Zealand, the land of extreme sports. I had the chance to do a few scary - albeit fun - activities as I made a Majalah 3 story about my extreme experience.

Most unbelievable of all, I jumped a 200m tower. Only God knows how heart-stoppingly nervous I was at the platform. But knowing full well I must not chicken out (unless I wanna buy the 'I chickened out' t-shirt sold at the entrance), I braved myself. Half way through I was like,"hey this is not too bad!"

4. First Catwalk

I may not have the height nor the flair of a model, but I had the chance to walk down the runway with some of the country's top celebrities.

A few months later I walked the runway again with a more traditional touch wearing Salikin Sidek's beautiful songket kebaya for KL Fashion Week 2010.

5. First Dive

I've always wanted to take up scuba and explore the marine life up close. However my hubby Mer is utterly worried for my safety (I know, sweet!). I don't know how many times I tried to persuade him but to no avail. Then I was pregnant with Raees. That's when it suddenly hit him that we are all not getting any younger and considered the idea of taking up scuba himself! Talk about timing!

Anyway, not all was lost. I had a feel of diving although not at sea but in a giant aquarium in the middle of KL city. Being unlicensed, I was given a quick lesson before I diving. In the water, the instructor held on to my tank and guided me around the water (in other words, I was on auto pilot). I even had the chance to feed turtles! Simply amazing!

The highlight of the dive was when I rub shoulders with sand tiger sharks. Fret not, they were well fed. I'm one skinny human being anyway so they were not interested :P

6. First Time Releasing A Turtle

Some people may have release baby turtles to the sea before. It was the first for me a few months back. But who would've thought of releasing a 4-year-old turtle with a satellite dish tag on it? With the good people of Aquaria who also gave me my first diving experience that I will forever cherish, I also followed them closely as they released good old Cruise in Cherating, Pahang.

7. First Birthday

I discovered the joy of organizing my baby's first birthday! I know it's more about us parents than the child himself but it was fun, nevertheless. So one day when Raees is big enough to read this blog, he would know how much he had enjoyed his first birthday :)

8. First Camel Ride

The highlight of my Syria trip, I would say is the camel ride to the historic city of Palmyra. Those creatures are huge! I didn't bother adjusting my bumbum after almost losing balance when the camel went berserk because I was afraid of falling off. So I went through half the ride slightly senget :D

9. First Chicken Pox

Oh, who could forget the dreaded pox! My worse nightmare! The pox didn't bother me as much as I thought it would as it was very mild. But the fact that Raees was sick at the very same time made the whole experience just unbearable - he couldn't get his vaccination against the pox hence I was locked away in the guest room. He was cranky, crying/whining most of the time and lost his appetite. All the while, I could only listen :(

Me in quarantine - hiding under the comforter

10. First Horse Ride

I was in Kelantan recently for a shoot about cats. Little did I know, the cat owner also owns horses! So I was given the chance to ride it. Weee! Ever since I was a little girl I have always, ALWAYS wanted to ride a horse and even take up horse back riding. But my dad wouldn't allow me as he was afraid it might be dangerous for me (yes, I'm surrounded by protective loved ones).

But given the chance to ride recently was truly an amazing feeling! I was guided along the way and went riding for about half an hour, I think. Love it!

So there you have it, 10 wonderful firsts of 2010.

What does 2011 have in store for me? I do not know. What's my new year resolution? It's the same as any year - to go further in career and of course, to be a better mom. Another baby? Well, we'll see.


nanapitt said...

wow irin...alot of firsts in just one year!

Hajarul Falenna said... gila..i first time muka naik jerawat scara mengejut.hehe

Little BlueBird said...

bestnyer..good for you....hope there will be more 1st experience in 2011

airin diana said...

Happy New Year to you too, Irin! Hopefully this year will be full of more excited & other 1st things to you.
Another baby? come on, join the club! ;)

Fathiha Fadzli said...

What a colorful 2010 it had been 4 u! Wish u a more colorful 2011:)

Yours Truly said... many experiences in one year best! Happy new year to you and family! Have a good one!

lily lotus said...

happy new year dear :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

nanapitt: yeah! best jugak 2010 :)

hajarul: i pun senasib dengan u :|

bluebird: thank you!

airin: another baby? haha..tengoklah. join the club? pregnant lagi ke?

fathiha, yours truly, lily: thank you very much :)