Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ultimate Fun!

Sorry I took so long to update about my ultimate fun experience that I mentioned before. Don't worry, here it is.

The day started with lunch. As kids eat free, I had the chicken fillet and vege. One of my favourite meals from this particular restaurant.

For desert, there was only one thing I wanted...

No I wasn't just resting my head, I was feeding from the side. Anyway, I was full from our big lunch that I gave my tummy a lil pat.

With all the energy stored in me, I had to let it all go. So I was brought to this place...

It was a huge indoor playing place for kids with loads and loads of balls! The balls even came down like fountain everytime you press the red button!

It was amazing! I was shouting in delite everytime I hear the familiar sound of the fountain of balls coming to life. At the same time, I walked around the place collecting and banging balls together.

I even socialised with the kids there, although sometimes the girls seem a bit possessive of the balls they have in their baskets.

I was there for over an hour. Before leaving, mommy suggested that I go down the big slide. So daddy brought me up the 'hill' to reach the top of the slide.

It was quite high alright, but as long as I was sitting on my daddy I was game for it. In fact, I'm not sure if daddy was actually allowed to be on the slide in the first place :P But nobody said anything.

On your mark, get set...GO!!

Oh my, that's how I looked like when I went down the slide? Haha! So funny!!
It was thrilling alright! But a whole lotta fun, nevertheless. So I went on it twice. Would've gone for the third time but we were still not certain whether daddy was allowed on the slide. So better go before they chase us out :P

It was definitely the funnest place I've been so far! It really did use up my energy :)


cik puan akish said...


amirah said...

penat sangatt..huhu

Nini D.. said...

wow!!...kiut sungguh gambar Raes selak baju nmpak perot..& gmbr turun slide dgn daddy..hahaha

RuZaNNa said...

Hi Irin.. just wanna ask.. what's the name of that kids playland that you took raees to? it surely look really fun :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Akish, Amirah: yeah, penat betul dia. Masuk kereta terus tido.

Nini: hehehe yeah happy sgt dia masa tu.

Ruzanna: kat jungle gym.

Elin said... last tertido kepenatan.. :)

Anonymous said...

waaah kekenyangan n kepenatan gaknya.pas kene susu ibu terus zzzzz