Thursday, December 30, 2010

Raees Hearts Elmo

Sometimes when I greet Raees as he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he would say is, "Elmooo." I would say to myself, "This cannot be. Got to correct this."

Me: No, this is mommy. Say

Thanks to Mer, Raees is now hooked on that cute little red monster. Although that wasn't the intention at first. He initially wanted to introduce him to the fuzzy blue monster, Grover. But Raees got his attention more on Elmo.

So every day is Elmo day for my boy. We have a bunch of Sesame Street DVDs, but he has his favourites. Just look at his expressions...

Elmo surely helps keep him occupied when we parents have our hands full. Just strap him on the stroller with the DVD on and he's happy.

Also, it will definitely help with his vocabulary. He learnt 'Elmo' all by himself! But of course, we try to balance between TV time and play time.

Because of his fondness for that little monster, we got him a few Sesame Street books, toys and t-shirt. I'm plan to find a 'Tickle Me Elmo'. I remember they used to sell that many years ago. Is it still being sold now? I'm sure he'll love it and so will I! (this is the case of mak bapak yang lebih..hehe!)


amirah said...

bukan terlebih..but got something with sentimental value?

linahilmin said...

hi there!
yes, u still can find it either at parkson or tru and the proce is about rm300+.., like rm100 cheaper whrn it first out in market.

Nini D.. said...

Afif pon memula dulu fanatik dgn Elmo..pehtu dah tukar..fanatik dgn Moo pulak....adeh..

Little BlueBird said...

Wah...Raees layan ek!! where you bought the Elmo? macam cute jer...

Hajarul Falenna said...

mama elmo pon nice sweet~

~CiK TiNieY~ said...

ahah,dh lama xdgr kaba elmo...kck2 dulu slalu tgk sesame street...hihihi

deena awanis said...

that's about vbeing parents.anak x paham pun.mak bapak yang lebih2..hihi

IRIN PUTRI said...

amirah: tak, memang mak yg terlebih :P

linahilmin: rm300?? mak ai...still so expensive!

nini: tak lama lagi tak tau ape yg raees fanatik kan.. :)

bluebird: handpuppet elmo tu dia tak layan sangat compared to the elmo dvd. puppet tu beli kat ou, at one of the stalls kecik2 sana.

hajarul: mama elmo?? haha..

cik tiniey: sebab dah lama tak jumpa elmo, tu yg introduce dia kat raees. rindu! hehe..

deena: memang! anak bukannya kisah pun..haha!

azura samsuddin said...

baju Raees 'Elmo Loves You' samelah ngan baju Aina.. kaler pun same gak orange... cute jer Raees!

mama said...

exactly same like my daughter now! we introduced Elmo last 2 months and she has been hooked since that!Everything nak ELMOOOOO je...sigh. Bangun pagi elmo, nak mandi elmo, nak susu elmo...everything lah!

airin diana said...

So cute, Raees! instead of mommy, he said elmo!
dont worry, irin, my daughter can only calls people "abah", which is very menggeramkan coz her abah not even there. hehe

IRIN PUTRI said...

azura: hehe mesti cute aina pakai baju tu.

mama: sampai mak bapak pun terjebak dgn elmo sekarang.

airin: kena selalu remind dia..mommy, mommy, mommy :D