Monday, November 01, 2010

Sleep-Deprived Mom

If you follow me on twitter, you may notice similar tweets for a few days already. It's all about Raees and his sleep. The past week hasn't been easy! He kept Mer and me awake in the middle of the night that really drained the energy out of us. Here are some of the tweets...

Can't take it anymore. Too sleepy. But @ is wide awake.

My boy is still awake and wants to play! Penat nak kejar. Only Grover, Elmo and friends can get him to stay still.

Raeeeees..sleeplahhh..almost 130am and mommy has to work tmrw.

Layan sesame street. The only way to keep my boy from walking about in the middle of the night as he refuses to zzz.

After 2 sesame street DVDs, @ is finally falling asleep! Man, tonight was really tough. 2 hrs to get to this point!

Been kept awake since 3 hrs ago by youknowwho...he's still awake btw. Tmrw dah la i will be on air Whi! Gonna look like crap..

As many are about to start their day, I make do with the next 2 hrs of sleep. Youknowwho still awake, passed to me mama already. Gnite all..

Sleep deprived :( someone woke up at 230am and finally slept at 8am.

again, i've been forced to wake up at 4am coz of my boy. this time, migrain attack at the same time. why oh why don't you wanna sleep?

as far as i remember, out of 4 nights raees woke up in the middle of the night 3 times and stayed awake til morning

But when the weekend came, it was a totally different story. Although Raees slept around 12-1am, he had 11-12 hours of sleep!

Yeah raees n me just woke up :D RT such a nice cooling saturday morning. im sure lotsa ppl take the opportunity to be in bed ;). i cant afford to do so unfortunately

Wanna get out of bed but my boy is leaning on me, sleeping so comfortably. So I'll just lie down a lil longer. Hello sweet Sunday the 31st!

For the last 1 week, @ slept properly only when I don't work the next day. I'm suppose to sleep in now but can't..

And today, as the new work day did the sleep issues.

Melayan raees who is as energised as an energizer bunny at 130am. Thanks to the half hour nap in the car tonight. Apa lagi...elmooooo!

This almost always happens when I have to work in the morning. Aaaaargh!

Almost 3am and still trying to get @ to sleep! And it's Monday. Work awaits..

Having just learn how to walk, he is prone to accidents. Being sleepy parents, we had to find a way to get him to stay put. Hence, Sesame Street and the stroller. Who knew you would have sleepless nights even when your child has reached toddlerhood?


cik puan akish said...

oho..mmg mencabar jiwa dan raga....
lagi2 bile esok kite nak keje..dan2 tuh la dia namo tdo...grrrrrr!!!

Nini D.. said...

inilah masanye dia menguji tahap kesabaran kita...chaiyuk Irin...!!

JaJa'Z said...

alah2..siannya u...tu la dugaan dengan anak2 yang tengah nak membesarkan..ceh! pandai je i cakap kan..padahal i bukannya ada anak lagi..hehhe..nak tanya,raees tido petang ke? apa kata u keep him bz..jangan bagi dia tido petang ke..biar dia penat till lepas kul 8 baru dia tido..kot2 la dia bleh tido nyenyak sampai ke pagi..takde la u kena bangun plak malam2..

IRIN PUTRI said...

akish: haha..tu lah!

nini: memang kena sabar banyak2. nasib baik dia tak merengek, nangis2.

jajaz: baru hari tu dia tak tido petang. malam tido kul 9. best betul! lepas tu bangun pukul 2 pagi, tak nak tido sampai 8 pagi. haha!

mama said...

hehe..kelakar la raees. But irin, despite u having sleep issues, I must adore Raees for his best behaviour in the stroller and high chair!! Raees, aunty really salute u for that coz my daughther sgt susah ok!! She's just 3 months older than u :)

mrs Fahmi said...

adoiiii.....i feel u babe.....mmg lembik kalo sleep deprived bcos of them little misfits....what i normally do with my 20mths old girl is, petang by 5pm je i let her play outside.....normally its either main bicycle, swimming, playground, main bola....or bubble gun.....then masuk mandi at thats 1.5 hrs of fun time just to make sure all her pent up energy tu 9.30pm or 10pm normally dah masuk bilik....30mins of wrestle and boom...It's La-la Land....

good luck in fine-tuning the time back...:-)

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin...

fuh, bestnya tgk raees tido...

IRIN PUTRI said...

mama: i made raees sit on the stroller, high chair and carseat since kecik lagi. i think that did the trick. he got used to it bila dah besar :)

mrs fahmi: the thing about raees is dia tak main kat luar sgt. tunggu besar sikit when he is well balanced, baru confident. hari tu first time bawak dia jalan to a nearby playground. malam tido awal at 9, then bangun at 2am. haha..

blade edge: tengok kalau dia tido awal.

Little Tots Journey said... turn..bila cute Raees tidur..macam penat sangat tu..

rara said...

so naughty la raees.. kacau u time weekdays je. weekend dia tido ok je eh? i rasa dia nak attention u la.. siang u dah off to work.. so dia kacau u malam2 la. hehe..

TRIPLETS plus ONE said...

each time i tgk ur tweet, i will surely say to myself ...aiyoo kesiannye bsok nk keja but not enuff sleep. can imgaine how zombie it feels

nway, when i wanted to wean off uZAir i used the laptop to distract him from breastfeeding to sleep, so i had the wiggles on the laptop but after awhile i had to stop that habit coz his bedtime ended up wayyyy pass midnite.

he will surely cry and all but i was firm in not giving the wiggles. it wasn't easy to just let him cry while making sure he did not wake the other two up but soon his bedtime became earlier. the more u on the cd,the more reason for him to stay up. without the wiggles and lights off, he was left with no other choice but to sleep (AND cry...hahahah)

recently i had the bedtime problem again. uZair simply have toooo much energy in him. he wakes up latest by 930am (though school starts at 9, so ended up pegi skool at 10) , no nap time at all during the day but yet he will be jumping about on the bed, in the dark till pass midnite. thought without day nap he will be tired by then, but oh boy he sure have lotsa energy

recently i managed to get them to retiree to bed early and crossing my fingers this will last long. I pull all three out of the bed latest by 8am. (regardless what time the sleep the night before) no nap during the day allowed and i starts their bedtime routine earlier...set the mood early...on the aircond and slowly switch off the lights one by one as early as 730pm. the last light will be off by 8pm. So by 730 tu they are already in the room. Alhamdulillah latest by 930 the last one awake will be asleep. Yes it takes 2 hours to settle all three....

The early bedtime start soon after i make sure he wakes up at 8 (even though the night defore tido lmbat) so with no nap...mmg next malam tu knock out cepat.

But the disadvantage is, we gotta stick to this routine permanently, therefore no outing at night already. NO such thing kuar dinner and what not (we have wedding next week, dunno nak take a risk give it an exemption ke tak)

And also i think my kids mmg tido tak cukup quota like other kids but i just have to avoid their day nap or else they be wide awake late night. If suddenly i tgk uZAir dh tertido sendiri during the day, i only allow max 1.5 hours and will pull him out of the bed

good luck dear!

Suliana said...

siannye.. bila dah ada anak ni, mcm2 kena hadapi.. redha je la jadi 'zombie' :-) kalau sy, aqil buat perangai time dia tak sihat, tu pun ibu dia melayan dalam mata terpejam. mata ni mcm kena gam jek. hehe

Hidayah said...

hi too sometimes ad problem camtu..time wekend nak pulak dia tido lena sampai pagi kan.....
will do anything to make him go to sleep

Hajarul Falenna said...

irin: its me again..wanna ask u about stretch marks...time u preggy, u ade benda ni tak????teruk x???benda tuh boleh dicegah kan???and boleh hilang ke parut dia???

im just thinking..takut pulak nak preggy..hehe..hope u can share ur experience..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Lil tots: memang penat since malam tak tido betul2. Hehe..

Rara: selama ni kacau malam2 gak tapi bukan tgh2 malam buta..haih..

Mun: to let raees cry it out memang not an option. Ezmir tak boleh dgr raees cry even a bit. Mesti find a way to make him stop. Lucky thing raees isn't the kind yg cry meragam when he doesn't wanna sleep.

Suliana: yeah kena redha jade zombie bila ada anak. Hehe!

Hidayah: haha..kan?? Kepala terbayang kerja yg tgh tunggu kat office esok.

Hajarul: stretch marks coz of pregnancy is something yg susah nak avoid. We can minimise it though. For me I apply cocoa butter lotion from day 1 I found out I was pregnant. Apply around the tummy, sides, boobs and bum. Alhamdulillah my stretch marks tak teruk.

Anyways once u have your baby in your hand, the joy is overwhelming. Lupa terus about stretch marks and all :)