Monday, November 08, 2010

In Isolation

It is definitely frustrating hearing your child cry out loud but even more when you can't be there to comfort him. All you can do is listen and hope the crying stops soon.

That's what I'm going through now. No, I'm not on assignment somewhere. I'm just downstairs.

Ladies and gentlemen, my worse fears came through...I have chicken pox. For the first time in my life.

From what I read, the pox will happen after about 2 weeks of being in contact with the infected person. Well, it was exactly 2 weeks after being in the car with my brother that I saw the early sign of the pox.

The weird thing is, I saw some pimple-like spots before I had the temperature. I wasn't able to resist, so I popped one of em! Little did I know that very same night I felt feverish and started checking my body for spots. I found another fluid filled on my back but it wasn't itchy. I instantly went to the nearest clinic to confirm it.

It was the early sign of chicken pox so I was prescribed antiviral medication to help lessen the symptoms and hope it will stop all together.

It was probably 1am by the time I got back from the clinic. Raees was still awake, playing and waiting for milk to put himself to sleep. I didn't dare go near him although the doctor said he most probably have contracted it already. I kept my distance anyway and spent the night in the guest room downstairs. I pumped some milk before going to bed.

I couldn't sleep well that night. I even woke up at 6am when I heard Raees cry as Mer brought him down to get the milk in the fridge. I almost cried listening to his cry :( but the worse was yet to come.

In the day, it was nice listening to Raees laugh and play happily. Lucky thing his mood was OK despite me not being there with him. I was so tempted to join him in his play room just like how I do everyday. I had to resist.

One day later (or yesterday rather), Raees had the temperature. He didn't sleep well because of his stuffy nose. And tonight I was awaken by his cry which went on for about half an hour. Real loud. Not good at all.

Many things are going through my mind right now as I'm writing this at 5am. Did he fall? Does he have the spots? I'm pretty sure its because of his stuffy nose again. I would have to wait till morning comes to find out. If only i could go over to him and wrap him in my arms :(

I shall be visiting the doctor again to see if I can return to work today. But looking at the way things are, I doubt it. I still have spots, although not as many. The antiviral worked! But I only had enough for one day. So yesterday I saw a few new spots appearing but not full blown pox. Phew!

Now with Raees having a temperature, I have to prepare for the inevitable. The visit to his doctor in the morning hopefully will give him a head start in controlling the infection, if any. Because he too was in close contact with my brother just before he had his full blown pox.


It surely is a trying time for my family. I pray that everything will turn out fine soon enough.

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Hajarul Falenna said...

owh dear irin.thats so sad of both of u..x leh bayang camnelah i ade anak kena kahwin dulu.sabar yer kak irin..semuanya akn brlalu dgn me..

u do take care..dont get stress..

and let me tell u a secret..*i pon x naik chicken pox lg*..

harap2 visit blog u nih xde lah bejangkit yer..haha

have a nice day ahead dear..

Little BlueBird said...

Get well soon.... strong...!!!

amirah said...

get well soon irin..kesian raees.. : (

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin...

try la byk2kan minum air kelapa muda kalo kene chicken pox...org2 tua kata boleh membantu..

LilYofDaPond said...

cian nye.. had one when i was like 8years old. kene isolated gak..boring n lonely..

get well soon irin n raees.
take good care.

rara said...

aiyoo kalau raees pon kena, how to isolate him?
anyway, get well soon!

sharizan said...

i am a mother of 3 grown up children. When they had chicken pox, it is best to get all the pox come out rather than stopping/cointaining them. I dont bring them to the doc. It will be worse if the pox are in the body rather than letting them all come out. Get well soon.

Yours Truly said...

get well soon irin, i hope raees too! Take care!

Suliana said...

ala.. siannye irin.. get well soon ye!! sian kat raees juga.. cepat sembuh ye comel ;-)

fizanur said...

banyakkan istighfar dan sedekah. pasti cepat sembuh. si ayah buat silat hajat dan baca Yasin..doa ibu dan ayah paling makbul.