Friday, November 26, 2010

An Evening At Sri Pentas

I visited mommy at work again! If before this all I could do was be carried around or just sit in the stroller...

Now that I can walk...boy, I was on the move!

As I explored mommy's office, I flashed a dashing smile to everyone I met although I didn't let them carry me or stop me from walking.

Mommy was patiently following me from behind as I inspected the place.

Then she got tired of walking (I wonder why my mommy pancit although I was still full of energy), she let me sit with her and play with the computer.

Oh, I love computers alright! But this one is bulkier than the ones I usually see. Nevertheless, I banged the keyboard and threw the mouse just for the fun of it.

As I got restless, we were on the move again. This time mommy brought me downstairs and checked out the 'aquarium' where the radio people work.

I don't know how many kilometers I walked within the 2 hours I was there. But I wasn't tired. Mommy says I can enter the Big Walk. Hehe! Oh well, I'm sure she's also looking forward for the day I can run.

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amirah said...

bestnya raees dapat explore his own world already. Am patiently wait for ahmad to get his kaki.

Little BlueBird said... nyer Raees..besar bole jadi reporter macam

Nini D.. said...

wow....hebatnye Raes meng'explore'! go boy!!

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin..

not sending comment 4 quite some time..hehehe

anak saya pun gitu, kita yg letih follow dia sana sini tp she seems like restless..ada jer yg nk dbuatnya..playing with computer n throwing the mouse is always be a fun thing for her..

Ifah Ibrahim said...

Raees sangat cute... nak jadik wartawan gak ke hehe


sophiewu said...

so cute!!!