Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Last week I spent about 2 hours at Brighton School House in Damansara Heights. Just going there reminded me of my own preschool years, since I went to a school nearby. But the environment was totally different than how I remember my kindergarten days were.

If my preschool was very much classroom, student-teacher oriented, this preschool was the opposite. The kids were in small groups as they sing and read with the aunties. Since the school accepts children as young as 2, some of them looked as big as Raees! They seemed happy to be with their friends and independent too. I was impressed!

I was there by invitation to give a talk about hygiene. It took me many days to figure out how I was gonna go about it, afraid that those kids would be the passive kind. Once I was there, the headmistress said something that washed away my worries. She said,"these kids are outspoken and they basically know how to take care of their cleanliness. You could throw any question at them and they will answer."

True enough, before the session even started, a bunch of girls came up to me and told me how they dressed up as princesses with a pretty pink dress.

When I asked who was the prettiest princess, all of them started raising their hand, jumped around me and shouted,"me! me! me!" Awww...can't get any cuter than that! Raees, do you want a sister? :D

During the talk, the headmistress introduced me along with two other people. The others talked a little bit on their part and I was the final one to go.

Since kids have short attention span, I tried to make it as iteractive as possible. I started off with the superhero-baddies approach (thanks to glam mama Adriana for the suggestion) where the germs are the bad guys and they can become superheroes with the help of the soap to eliminate germs.

While I was at the topic of superheroes, I asked them who their favourite was. They went crazy! I heard 'Transformers' from the boys but most interesting of all I heard one girl say 'Hello Kitty'.

Since the tagline of the sponsor of the day was "Bathtime is Funtime" I told them that bath is fun coz you get to play with lots of bubbles from the soap and shampoo! At the same time I had to explain how to ensure they are thoroughly clean. Instead of listing down the parts of the body they have to wash, I asked them instead. They ended up telling me! Of course I added to that, like behind the ears, between the fingers etc.

I wasn't prepared at all for this little chat with the kids coz I really didn't know what to expect. But the kids were amazing and things just came naturally to me. Did I mention how cute they were?

Then the kids performed a dance for us. They danced to a mandarin song (about body parts) and a Shakira song (forgot the name of the song). Super cute!!!!
All kids were given a goodie bag each filled with products from the sponsor. I got some myself, well mainly for Raees :)

Before I end, this is my 500th post!! Happy half a thousand posts to my blog! May it continue to florish until it reaches the 1000 mark :D


Thara said...

looks fun! job well done, babe! two thumbs up! ;)

Suliana said...

wah.. seronok nye layan budak2.. jadi teacher plak irin.. hehe.. i guess mesti byk soalan diorg tnya kan?? hehe..

RuZaNNa said...

Good job Irin!.. looks like they are having fun as well!

Btw, do you get a chance to ask about the program at the school? bukan ape, the school is very near to my office, and everyday i pass by it mesti mcm rasa nak drop and ask about it.. tp couldn't find time.. my biggest fear is the fee.. heheh.. if i'm not mistaken the school ada swimming pool as well kan?

IRIN PUTRI said...

thara: thank you! :)

suliana: diorang tak banyak tanya tapi banyak bercerita..hehe..

ruzanna: thanks! yes they have a pool. i didn't ask about the fees though. you can check out their website. maybe ada tulis? what i like most is they expose the kids to charity. the kids end up donating their old toys to sick kids at the hospital.

amirah said...

irin : really?a very good exposure. at least they can learn something from those less fortunate kids

IRIN PUTRI said...

Amirah: yeah, very good to teach kids about charity especially kids from elite areas like Damansara Heights.

RuZaNNa said...

Oh they have a website ke?? will try to look it up..
Wah bagusnya sbb from early stage they teach these children sharing is always caring.. :)
Thanks for the info!