Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Head Gear

Are we going too far in the paranoia department is we have this on our child everytime he plays?
It sure gives parents a piece of mind especially when your toddler is still holding the 'L' or 'P' license in walking. Raees has had his fair share of stumbles, trips and falls. Nothing serious though..phew!

Personally, I think it's a bit too much. It's good to protect our child, no doubt about that. But to have a head gear on while playing indoors is like wearing a helmet in the car. I wouldn't mind having them on Raees when he sleeps on the bed if only it's comfortable enough. But it doesn't seem so. The small ears sticking out from the head gear are pretty cute though :)

Anyways, that's my view. Would you consider this for your child?


Suliana said...

cute juga & mcm perlu je kan. tapi kesian plak kat anak, takut dia rimas jek. hehe

cik puan akish said...

aha..mmg cute....boleh juge kot kalo nak pakaikan....jage keselamatan..:)

x salah....

raess lom jln laju lagi yah???

minatgiler said...

teringin nak beli sbb kesian tgk anak tergolek sana sini.. tapi kalau kite pon mesti tak suka pakai helmet all the time.. hem..

keselamatan or keselesaan..

amirah said...

nop..i dun think my boy would be that 'nice' to keep it properly tied..kejap jela pun..pastu menjerit2 tarik suruh bukak..let it we're thinking to get him a car seat, tapi camno kalau takleh duk diam gitu..harus tahan telinga untuk dengar dia jerit all the way..huhu

M.i.r.a.n.d.a said...

but its cute! hehe. tp sure boleh bertahan 5minit je.

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suliana: practically memang sgt membantu protect kepala baby but imagine kalau kita yg dok pakai helmet dlm rumah memanjang. Memang rimas..

Akish: hehe memang la tak salah pakai benda tu. Raees dah laju! Almost berlari dah..

Minatgiler: tu lah..kesian. Pakai lama2 kepala pun jadi panas.

Amirah: your boy umur berapa? Like raees I bagi dia duduk dlm stroller and carseat dari kecik lagi utk biasakan dia. Sekarang not much problem. Elok Je duduk :)

Miranda: haha..kan?? Raees pun not the kind yg suka pakai anything atas kepala.

Anonymous said...

My son ada pakai helmet ni -- siap custom made lagi. Comel jer bentuk kepala dia.

Act helmet ni tak merimaskan kalau dia orang dah terbiasa. Mcm juga kalau kita ajar anak pakai hats ..yg tak biasa jer suka cabut cabut.

Harissa said...

Much to our surprise, my dear MIL specially made a similar helmet (minus the cute ears) for our 2 children when they were small. Back then we lived in apt while MIL lives in a dbl story hse. Thus the need for it. Whenever we blk kg which was a monthly affair, she would put the helmets on her grandkids when they played. It helped protect their lil heads from bumps like when they stumbled n fell. I m all for it as it is a safety measure juz like safe proofing our homes for our kids. And its only temp. Once they learned to balance n steady themselves the helmets were gone. It saved us a few visits to their pediatrician not to mention the worries of something might be seriously wrong when they fell. So i dun think its going too far as it fits the bill, kita berusaha Allah menentukan. Just my take.