Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Baby Head Gear

Are we going too far in the paranoia department is we have this on our child everytime he plays?
It sure gives parents a piece of mind especially when your toddler is still holding the 'L' or 'P' license in walking. Raees has had his fair share of stumbles, trips and falls. Nothing serious though..phew!

Personally, I think it's a bit too much. It's good to protect our child, no doubt about that. But to have a head gear on while playing indoors is like wearing a helmet in the car. I wouldn't mind having them on Raees when he sleeps on the bed if only it's comfortable enough. But it doesn't seem so. The small ears sticking out from the head gear are pretty cute though :)

Anyways, that's my view. Would you consider this for your child?


Last week I spent about 2 hours at Brighton School House in Damansara Heights. Just going there reminded me of my own preschool years, since I went to a school nearby. But the environment was totally different than how I remember my kindergarten days were.

If my preschool was very much classroom, student-teacher oriented, this preschool was the opposite. The kids were in small groups as they sing and read with the aunties. Since the school accepts children as young as 2, some of them looked as big as Raees! They seemed happy to be with their friends and independent too. I was impressed!

I was there by invitation to give a talk about hygiene. It took me many days to figure out how I was gonna go about it, afraid that those kids would be the passive kind. Once I was there, the headmistress said something that washed away my worries. She said,"these kids are outspoken and they basically know how to take care of their cleanliness. You could throw any question at them and they will answer."

True enough, before the session even started, a bunch of girls came up to me and told me how they dressed up as princesses with a pretty pink dress.

When I asked who was the prettiest princess, all of them started raising their hand, jumped around me and shouted,"me! me! me!" Awww...can't get any cuter than that! Raees, do you want a sister? :D

During the talk, the headmistress introduced me along with two other people. The others talked a little bit on their part and I was the final one to go.

Since kids have short attention span, I tried to make it as iteractive as possible. I started off with the superhero-baddies approach (thanks to glam mama Adriana for the suggestion) where the germs are the bad guys and they can become superheroes with the help of the soap to eliminate germs.

While I was at the topic of superheroes, I asked them who their favourite was. They went crazy! I heard 'Transformers' from the boys but most interesting of all I heard one girl say 'Hello Kitty'.

Since the tagline of the sponsor of the day was "Bathtime is Funtime" I told them that bath is fun coz you get to play with lots of bubbles from the soap and shampoo! At the same time I had to explain how to ensure they are thoroughly clean. Instead of listing down the parts of the body they have to wash, I asked them instead. They ended up telling me! Of course I added to that, like behind the ears, between the fingers etc.

I wasn't prepared at all for this little chat with the kids coz I really didn't know what to expect. But the kids were amazing and things just came naturally to me. Did I mention how cute they were?

Then the kids performed a dance for us. They danced to a mandarin song (about body parts) and a Shakira song (forgot the name of the song). Super cute!!!!
All kids were given a goodie bag each filled with products from the sponsor. I got some myself, well mainly for Raees :)

Before I end, this is my 500th post!! Happy half a thousand posts to my blog! May it continue to florish until it reaches the 1000 mark :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Home Under The Bridge

Dear Raees,

Did you know that there are people in KL who don't have any house to go home to? They don't become homeless by choice, of course. But life hasn't been easy for them that they cannot afford to stay in a nice house with a roof under their head.

Mommy was reading today's news when I came across one article that really strucked me hard. A homeless family with a child as young as you! They've been staying there for almost half a year already!

While you have a nice comfortable crib to sleep in with the aircond and fan since the day you were born, that little girl was staying under the bridge with her family since she could hardly crawl! While you had more than enough toys to play with and watch your favourite Sesame Street DVDs on the flat screen TV, that little girl didn't have any of that luxury. Who knows what her favourite toys are, or if she has any. To make matters worse, she isn't at the best of health.

Thank God someone out there is generous enough to offer a house for them to live in...

My point is, Raees, always remember to be thankful for everything that you have around you. It may not seem like a big deal to you but it sure is something huge for the less fortunate kids, like that little girl.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Pock pock pock!

Here's something interesting that I would like to share with you. In my family, none of my siblings have had chicken pox. People say everyone should get it once in their life time, but I didn't believe them. Just then, my brother (who is in his mid thirties) was diagnosed with the horribly contagious disease! (and I was in the same car as him that very morning...eek!)

My brother (at the other end of the table) prior to the pox

I freaked out when I heard the news. Not just for myself, but Raees too! His immunization jab is due in November, so he's not safe from it yet. How is he gonna run away from it with us living in the same house? Despite ensuring that my big brother stays put in his room, face it, the virus could easily spread especially when it's drying out. Call me paranoid, but I've started Googling about breastfeeding mother with chicken pox/breastfeeding child with chicken pox.

I can't imagine having the spots on this cute chubby little face...

I pray that my immune system will continue to thrive and my breast milk will help protect Raees from the pox. Aminnnnn...

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Wonder...

I've been a good boy! Don't believe me? Ask daddy, tok mama or tok wan. They would know better because they have been taking good care of me while mommy was away for many days. Just look at my angelic face...

For 10 days, I didn't cause any problems whatsoever. I was being at my best behaviour, you know. Believe it or not, I slept through the night for most nights. That's something I don't do when mommy's around (since I can get my milk anytime I want, as often as I want).

In the car, I'm usually at the back seat with mommy. When she wasn't not around, I had the chance to sit up front right beside daddy as he drove! Being able to sit front-facing sure is a whole lot more fun. I was mesmerized by the sight of many2 lights before me.

Did I tell you that my new favourite food is bread? Now I can eat upto 5 slices a day! In fact, I can eat 2 slices in one go. I don't even need to put anything on it. It's so good you can even eat it on its own!

Now the most important of all, the milk. I'm so glad there was enough mommy's milk for me! If before this I used to have problems accepting the bottle, now not anymore. I cry FOR the bottle, not because of the bottle anymore.

I didn't even waste an ounce of milk too. I enjoyed every drop...slurp!

So one day, I went for a drive with daddy and to my surprise, there she was! My mommy's back! I was still stunned this time, trying to digest and register the situation...

But when she lifted me, gave me kisses after kisses after kisses and a BIG hug, I was so happeeeee!

I wonder where she went? She said I'll be able to see her journey on TV this Saturday night at 9pm. I look forward to it, mommy!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Party DIYs

Someone asked how I made the party favours a.k.a. blocks. Well, here's how it looks like before being cut out from the cardboard...

In case you didn't notice, when you stick them together it spells ONE and the number 1 is positioned at the front of the block.

Here's the guest book cover which was printed on a yellow paper. I can't help feeling like this party has a 1Malaysia touch to it. What do you think :)

And here's the invitation card that I sent via email and FB to the invited guests...

Just one of those things I like doing when I put my mind to it :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Raees' 1st Birthday Party

The thing about me is, when I put my mind into something, I go all out to do it. With Raees' birthday party, I was all fired up to give all my effort to make sure the event turns out nice. He may be just a year old and hardly cares about birthdays now, but everyone knows the first birthday is more about the parents 'surviving' the first year, so to speak.

The theme of the party was 'BLOCKS'. I started my hard work with the blocks a.k.a. party door gift which I spent many, many hours preparing from scratch. Despite taking loads of pictures, I'm frustrated that I didn't take a picture of the finished product! It had a blue ribbon around it :)

The night before the party, me and my family spent some time decorating the house.

The entrance...

The reception table...

You may notice a 'Did You Know' frame there. If you can't read clearly, it says,"25 August is Woman's Day. I was born on that day in 2009!" I had a few more 'Did You Know' frames around the house, just so the guests would learn something about my boy.

Well, this one wasn't so much about my boy but more about Mer and me..

This party was actually a quadruple celebration: Hari Raya, Raees', Mer's and my birthday. But I didn't go around saying that, of course. Why? It was more for Raees :)

What's a party without balloons, right? Knowing how Raees just loves balloons, I had a lot of em around the house. The living room ceiling...

The stairs..

I (or rather, my mother in law) even decorated the void area with some party streamers. Turns out decorating with the streamers was not as easy as it seems.

The living room furniture were rearranged to make way for Raees' toys for the kids to play...

At the right hand corner of the room is a digital photoframe playing pictures of Raees from birth til toddlerhood, accompanied by a loop of songs from Sesame Street.

The banner was put up...

And we are ready to party!

That afternoon as Raees was taking his nap, it was raining cats and dogs. As the guests started coming around 3-ish, the rain has subsided and Raees was awake, fresh and ready to meet his many, many friends that were coming.

Reception/Photo area

Kids flooded the living room that was filled with toys...

The game room which is equipped with Nintendo Wii was a hit with the bigger kids...

Well, kids and adults alike...

Since inside the house was very much birthday party looking, outside was more open house-y...

We also had football at the garden. However because of the initial rain, kids hardly went outside the house. So the goal posts were under utilised that day.

Since this party was suppose to celebrate our little family's birthdays, I wanted each of us to have a cake, doesn't matter big or small.

Mer isn't much of a cake person so I suggested that he get a birthday sticky rice a.k.a. pulut...

Made and decorated by my mother

For me was Tiramisu (unfortunately no individual picture taken of it coz it arrived quite late and I was already busy entertaining guests).

For Raees, well I was very specific about the look and feel of Raees' cake. I got my talented cousin to realise it for me and she didn't let me down. Quote my cousin,"It's the most difficult cake I've ever done!"

I only saw the cake that morning and I was surprise to see how big it was! Best thing is, it was considered as Raees' birthday gift. Thank you, Kak Juih :)

Here's the dining table with the 2 birthday cakes + 1 birthday pulut with my childhood friends Munirah, Alia and Heydeq gossiping at the other end...

Then came the cake cutting ceremony. As it was the first time Raees had people singing for him, he seemed quite puzzled as if wondering "what's with all these people?" Hehe!

Since I was leaving for Syria that very night, I took charge to 'help' Raees upwrap the presents as soon as the guests left.

Raees sure had a lot of fun trying out his new toys!

All the hard work paid off. Raees enjoyed it, I definitely had a great time and the guests seemed happy. Thank you to those who came and made the party that much livelier :)

Oh yeahhh!

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm Coming Home!

View of Damascus from my hotel balcony...

I'm leaving Syria today! It has been a good 10 days but nothing beats going home to my lovely family.

My journey around the country:
Damascus - Aleppo - Latakia - Palmyra - Damascus

Beautiful sights and amazing shopping experience! Thank you for having us ;)

Goodbye, Syria!

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Another Hello From Syria!

The view from the third hotel I stay in Syria, this time in Palmyra...

Beyond the gates is just land full of sand. I was at a historical site in the desert the whole day yesterday. The wind was blowing which brought sand into my eyes. I came back with sand sticking on my face and some went into my nose and throat.

Uh, I also had a camel ride yesterday. Such an amazing experience though at times quite scary when my camel freaked out.

Will try to post more snippits of my trip whenever I have the chance ;)

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