Friday, September 24, 2010

Travelling: Manual vs. Auto Pump

As I mentioned earlier, I will be on assignment overseas very soon. During the one-week trip I will be travelling around the country at 4 different cities.

My previous overseas assignment (New Zealand), I relied on my good old manual pump. This time around I'm considering the automatic pump instead. I'm still weighing my options though as both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Manual Pump

- light weight
- can easily fit in my handbag

- single pump (time consuming)
- can't multitask

Automatic Pump

- double pump (faster)
- although I'm using PIS, I have a trick to do it hands-free (multitasking!)

- heavy (not travel-friendly)
- bulky (requires bigger bag)
- not entirely quiet

So you see, manual pump is great to bring around but I need to really spend time on pumping. Automatic pump is definitely easier and saves a lot of time and energy. But its weight and size are the down side. Having need to travel a lot (probably even ride a camel :P) makes me go back to considering the manual pump.

My experience with the manual in NZ wasn't easy. I spent about half an hour every morning and night just to pump. While throughout the day I pumped while travelling in the bus/car. It was possible coz I did spend a lot of time on the road. But this trip might not necessarily be the same.

I have one more day to think it through. Hmm..

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amiey lee said...

salam...kak grab ajo medela swing plak hehehe

Little Tots Journey said...

Well my first time outstation on last week..i used letrik..for me better u to standby both..maybe used letrik at hotel and bring manual for standby...btw..can i asked you one question? do you use any milk booster? seems your milk production..makes me wahhhhh!!!!Best nyer....

Anonymous said...

hi..i think you should buy medela freestyle..double pump,electric/batery-operated,timer,very light, and's definitely the best these days.. -gee-


100% agreed!!

syira said...

maybe bleh try AVENT ISIS iQ UNO?

IRIN PUTRI said...

i'm quite happy with the pump i have now, despite its weight. i'll hang on to it as of now. but when there is a need to get a new one, i will surely consider your suggestions.

anyways, it was difficult to choose between manual and auto so i took little tots' advice..i brought both :)

regarding the milk booster, no i don't take any. believe it or not, i just eat a lot and have a cup of hot choc oat drink everyday ;)