Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Party From Another 1-Year-Old's View

I may not be able to write about Raees' birthday party from here but do check out this entry by fellow blogger Aydein, (Thara's boy) at

I can't access that blog or even mine from this country. Somehow blogspot is blocked, so is Facebook. I wonder why..

So I haven't read his entry but I'm sure it's a good one ;) Thanks for coming Aydein!

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Suliana said...

dah baca!! seronok nya bday party raees.. pandai mommy decorate. kreatif sungguh..

Hajarul Falenna said...

i read her blog already!it was awesome..dun u worry kay..hehe..

anak u and dia pakai baju hampir sama.haha....cute!

mommaholicSURI said...

Hi Irin,

I got your link from Thara's entry.
I think we have met once during Aydein's Birthday Bash back months ago.:)

U're in Syria right now, right? and Blogger also facebook are blocked? wau! i thought only China do that.

dbalkis said...

i pun dah baca..sayang missed bday raess ni..huhu..

IRIN PUTRI said...

suliana: thanks! :)

hajarul: tu lah pasal...dah la muka dekat2 sama dah..hehe..

mommaholicsuri: i remember you! yeah, blocked :( about 10 days without FB..

dbalkis: huhu, kalau ada tahun depan datang la ye..