Monday, September 27, 2010

Hello From Syria!

My journey from KLIA to finally settle down at the hotel took about 24 hours! Crazy! But I saw many interesting sights along the way.

Cantik kan? Very hot too! Bet I'll be tan when I get back.

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HFI said...

tan is beautiful lah!dont worry lah..raess will recognise u when u get back..hehe

lily lotus said...

jauh ur trip this time..take care yer..ohh anyway haritu u asked for email add rite..dapat tak?

rara said...

wow.. 24hrs? kenapa lama sangat? anyway, can't wait for your story on syria. so far middle east i baru sampai oman, qatar and UAE je.

IRIN PUTRI said...

HFI: tan sikit2 especially tangan. hehe..

lily lotus: ala lambat..nak hantar invitation for raees' party actually.

rara: 24hrs coz as soon as we landed kat Damascus kena naik van lagi which took about 9 hrs sebab banyak stop2. very tiring!