Saturday, September 25, 2010

DIY Blocks

I never knew you can make your own blocks. You know, the kind we kids like to stack, throw and destroy? Well, mommy sure had her hands full making them from scratch. Design and printing wasn't so bad. But when it came to cutting it out from the cardboard, well that kept her occupied for so many hours!

Lucky thing she was on hari raya break so she had the whole week to concentrate on it, while taking care of me. She was hard at work when I'm asleep or when someone else is around to look after me.

I don't know how long she spent cutting on the floor. In the room...

Even by the sliding door for some daylight...

Then a few more hours of folding and sticking them together. Once it was all done, she did what blocks are meant for..she stacked them!

Although it looked pretty much done, she said they are not entirely complete yet. What else mommy?? I wonder why she went through all the trouble?


rara said...

wow irin. so creative! and rajinnya u buat all those from scratch!

♥ caRoL ♥ said...

Auwwwww ... This is the most touching post ever ... U're a gud mom =))

RuZaNNa said...

The box is really lovely!.. i thought you ordered from someone as it doesn't look like DIY at all.. teror lah you buat! boleh share tak how? next time boleh safe budget from ordering.. heheh

I thought it's like random ABC and 123 on the sides, but when i saw the last picture, then only baru sedar it's actually says 1.. hehhe

Thanks for having us again!


Irin..salute la..rajin betul!
ni open for order tak? ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

rara: hehe..when there's a will there's a way :)

carol: aww..thank you!

ruzanna: really? didn't look DIY despite the chop kat bawah that says 'designed by Irin'? memang save budget but so much time required. to do it is actually quite simple. but to describe it here susahlah. maybe i'll write a post about it. we'll see ;) oh and thanks for coming!

mommy nadia: order?? haha..nak buat sendiri punya sekali ni pun kena tunggu cuti raya seminggu baru boleh buat.

mama ADAMAN said...


Ammar besday on this i plann nak buat sendiri gak's laa block tu,,, cuma u buat tu pakai size kertas camne yea?? a4 size ker?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Haah a4 size. Actually bila dah start potong2 I realise byk waste paper. Kalau pandai susun boleh ngam2 muat 2 blocks in one paper I think.