Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Singgah Sahur 2010

On late night Sunday will the wee hours of Monday morning I joined TV3's Singgah Sahur convoy. Besides me there were other TV3 personalities and artists. Destination: Shah Alam and Bangi, Selangor.

First stop was at NST where we witnessed the newspaper printing. We gave out food to the employees hard at work and later got our own food served by the management.

It was around 1am and the menu was rice with bone soup and chicken. Not used to having sahur so early, what more as heavy as that. But rezeki jangan ditolak ;)

Next up was UiTM, Shah Alam where Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir was having a dialog session with the students.
Us girls couldn't help admiring him. Hey don't get me wrong! We're no Datuk-chasers :P We really admire his flawless complextion. No open pores, smooth and glowing. You get what I mean?

OK enough about his perfect skin. By the time we left the campus was almost 2.30am. Our convoy then headed to our main destination which was an OKU training centre in Bangi. I managed to get some shut eye in the van.

Once there, we woke up the handicap students for sahur. Imagine being woken up with the camera right at your face? Surprise! :D

We headed to the cafeteria where we served the students their food. One person was in charge of the rice, some other people took charge of serving the vege, curry, crackers, fruits and guess what I had my hands on? Sambal belacan with amazingly overwhelming aroma.

Those who know me well would know I'm not a sambal belacan chick. I never knew it has such strong sharp smell. I was coughing each time I inhaled it.

At the end of the day, jazz songstress, Noryn Aziz belted out a song for the students and got everyone to sing along.
While I was there, I had the opportunity to mingle with the students. Despite their handicap, the place was filled with positive energy.
That's the kind of attitude everyone should have, kan? That way the world would be a better place to live in :)

You can catch this episode of Singgah Sahur this Friday at 12.30am and repeats at 6pm Saturday.

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airin diana said...

what an early sahur! oh my, sambal belacan, also not my fav. luckily, u managed to handle it pretty well.
noryn aziz! im a big fan of her. lucky you dapat snap pix with her ;)
i'll make sure i dont miss the show this saturday (i believe i'll be asleep by 12 am)

Anonymous said...

salam. program singggah sahur ni bagus. tapi ada satu benda saya nak komen, scene kejut tidur utk bersahur yang melibatkan perempuan tidak perlu la ditayang. sebab apa yang saya nampak, perempuan yang bertudung tidak akan memakai tudung semasa tidur dan semasa scene mengejut tidur, viewer ternampak aurat perempuan tersebut. Harap irin boleh memberitahu kepada pihak penerbit rancangan supaya lebih peka dgn isu ini dan tidak menayangkan di tv.

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin...

sometime ada missed a few episode program Singgah Sahur ni..

just 2 ask u, program ni byk singgah di selangor & KL jer ke? bila nak drop by ke terengganu or yg jauh2 ni??nak jugak rasa ada org singgah sini...


IRIN PUTRI said...

airin: bz taking care of raees and i missed the programme myself! *hits palm at forehead*

anonymous: ok terima kasih atas komen anda.

blade edge: programme ni pergi all over termasuk kelantan dan perak. terengganu tak sempat singgah tahun ni kot. takpe, insyaAllah tahun depan pulak :)