Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I forgot to mention that I've been red-flagged! It first came around last month, 11 months after the birth of the handsome fella, Raees.

From what I read, post pregnancy period may show some uncertainty in first few months mainly due to our body trying to 'configure' itself. Well, I sure hope this month's delay is due to some sort of body configuration!

But Raees has been peeking and kissing my tummy lately. Is that a sign? Oh, I think I'm just being paranoid! Most probably he's trying to say,"hey, this time last year I was in there waiting to come out! Kiss sikit..."

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suzzsuzie said...

my first red flag after gave birth was after my baby 2 years old...can you imagine that....i was so free during that period....but due to mr doc it was normal to breastfeed mum

Ummi Hanie said...

salam irin...

same goes with me...
after 1 year gave birth to my bby Zaid

anak2 sebelum ni tak pernah mcm tu , paling lewat 8 bulan..so itu mmbuatkn sy agak risau,gusar,etc.

sbb takut tiba2 dah ada balik senyap2 dlm perut..hehe

Suliana said...

sama la dgn saya irin, lambat kuar peod. now 2 bulan sekali kot. u amik apa2 family planning tak? bila dah peod, kena hati2 la klu tak mkn apa2.. hehe

LIP (^_^) said...

raees looks macho in that shirt..

Anonymous said...

sigh.. i got my period when my son was just 2months old? i conceived him after i consumed the hormone pill 'clomid' (and of course, with Allah taala's will). my period has been pretty much gone back to normal, xde skip2.. my hubby n i are trying to conceive again.. but to no avail? do i HAVE to take clomid again? wut's wrong wit me??

funny thing, i had THE WORST confinement period ever! dah la my baby colic, i also think that that led me to be in a state of depression.. can't say if i had post-partum depression coz i didn't get a diagnosis or anything like that.. but wut i do know is that i was really down for THE LONGEST TIME after i delivered.. AND NOW I WANT ANOTHER?? hehe.. out of the frying pan and into the fire?? oh well.. rezeki.. insyaAllah.. God knows wuts best 4 me.. when the time is right, God will make it happen, i guess..

reason why i comment panjang2 cni is coz i wanna suggest WHI to do a feature on post-partum depression? hehehee..

also, i have been breastfeeding all this while.. but i do feel that my production has always been low.. sgt sedih!! i tried n tried.. n i'm glad i didn't give in.. but my question is, why oh why do some women have a lot of milk in their 'system' and some do not? what else can i do to up my milk??

*sesi meluahkan perasaan yg lama terpendam.. hiks, sorry, ya.. buat semak je*

Zura Alwee said...

hai erin as for me plak i have my period when my baby was 7 month, next month tak datang but i buat dunno jer coz i ingat sbb i still bf the baby so its normal!!! after the 2 month i rasa badan i mcm lain mcm sikit, having fever n everything so i dgn berdebar2 nyer g farmasi buy the test kit and its appear that am expecting again!!!!

but am happy so do my hubby n insyaAllah will deliver the baby in february 2011.

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suzzsuzie: after 2 years?? Best giler! Life mustve been easy for u tak payah sibuk2 dengan pad and ganti puasa.

Ummi: Salam..after 1 year oklah tu. Average utk BFing moms kan?

Suliana: nope I tak makan apa2..tapi still berhati2.

Lip: oh why thank u! I chose it for him :D

Anonymous: haha..luahan perasaan. I can suggest it but I gotta check if they have discussed that topic recently. About milk production, well there are some supplements sold in the market to help increase production. Also, take oats..heard it helps :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Zura: oh wow! Unexpected baby eh? Rezeki tu.. Congratulations!