Saturday, August 07, 2010

Raya Fever Already?

Mommy has been so excited for Raya. She went surveying for her clothes already but didn't buy any yet. Relax mommy, it's not even fasting month!

She got more excited after hosting WHI where they discussed about Kids' Baju Melayu a couple weeks back. One of the guests was the famous baju melayu tailor, Den Wahab, and he kindly invited mommy to his shop.

So we went there recently. Mommy chose the cloth and they took my measurements.

I should be getting my baju melayu by the time I turn 1 :)


LilYofDaPond said...

hehe..bestnye..custom made punye ..caya lah!!

lily lotus said...

can't wait to see him in his baju melayu..mesti cute banget!

IRIN PUTRI said...

yay..baju raees dah siap! :)