Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raees' Quick Update

I apologise for the hiatus. Blame it on work. Check out Majalah 3 about Cruise the turtle this Saturday and you'll know why it took so much of my time.

On other notes, Raees is almost a year old! OMG! I just don't believe that his first birthday is coming up so soon! It feels like only yesterday I was walking around with a huge belly.

Well no, Raees hasn't walked yet. But no rush, no pressure. Chill, chill. He has been an expert crawler for a few months now and I guess he still enjoys being on all 4s.

Raees has added more vocabulary and his favourite word right now is 'hello'. He would say that oh so often even to strangers. Such friendly boy isn't he? :)

Yes he isn't afraid of people. Only the occasional startle (from loud voices) would make him cry for a while but other than that, he's one cool baby/toddler to be :)

Don't get me started on his teeth! After pausing at just 3 teeth, suddenly 5 more decided to appear at the same time. One more at the bottom and 4 more on top.

He hasn't been a big fan of solid food for almost 2 weeks now. So it's mommy's milk to the rescue. He had so much milk that his poop is comparable to a small baby's. Big mess!

By the way, should I be worried that he isn't getting enough food? Will this phase go away anytime soon?

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Suliana said...

wow, nak setahun dah raees ..kejap je masa berlalu kan. anyway, budak2 mmg mcm tu, ikut mood dia nk mkn ke tak. tapi, kita just bagi je la dia food, mana tahu dia nak makan. dia nak ringankan badan tu.. hehe. kiss raees for me ok ..

dbalkis said...

my mom said my brother and i both hate solid for until we were around 4-5 yrs. We loves milk so much and my mom add milo, holicks etc to the FM. Mak kata memang pokai abah kami nk cover stok susu every month for both of us..Since baby Raees is still on BM, just maintain BFing worries ya..

airin diana said...

time flies, rite? it's okay raaes hasnt start walking yet. my 10-mth daughter doesnt hv any tooth yet. hehe!
I think solid food just a supplement for ur baby. as long as his weight increasing, there's nothing to worry about.

IRIN PUTRI said...

suliana: yes..cepat betul masa berlalu! nak kena experiment what kind of food dia nak..hmm..

dbalkis: sampai 4-5 years? lama betul!

airin: he may have lost a bit of weight but could be due to his activeness also kan?

tuty said...

it is so normal. org tua2 kata sbb dia nak ringankan badan. nothing to worry because he's still on BM :) nanti tiba2 dia akan suka mkn pulak hihi

not walking, no worries. my first son had his first step at 16month! :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

tuty: memang dah ringan sikit...before thia 10.5kg, now 10.3kg. huhu..