Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pre First Birthday Thoughts

I strongly believe you need to have willpower and determination in order to breastfeed your child into toddlerhood, especially if you work fulltime.

Believe me, it hasn't easy! Especially when you're required to go outstation/overseas for many days. The pressure to ensure that your child still receives sufficient breastmilk while you're away sometimes entices you to give formula a try.

My greatest challenge was of course, if you're an avid reader of my blog, my 9-day New Zealand trip. Prior to the trip as well as during the trip was centered around milk production. Alhamdulillah, I managed to store just enough and pump often enough to maintain the production.

Since then, work trips that last 3-4 days are like peanuts to me :P

I never stopped storing and now I have enough expressed breast milk (EBM) in my freezer to feed Raees for about a month. However it has reached a stage where the EBMs are expiring (reached its 3-month limit). Since I'm not scheduled for outstation work anytime soon, probably half (or more) might need to be discarded. Sad but true :(

I even thought of donating the milk to babies who need them just so they don't go to waste. Is that even possible?

Anyways, as Raees is celebrating his 1st birthday tomorrow, I can't help feeling thankful for the good health that God has given my baby. It's overwhelming to see my boy grow so well, mainly because of my determination to breastfeed him. In fact, if I recall correctly, I had fever twice over the past 1 year, while Raees only had it once!

My next overseas assignment is coming up after Hari Raya. It is expected to last about a week and I will be travelling around that particular country (hope you get the hint that I'm not about to tell you where I'm going yet :P). I expect the experience to be similar to the New Zealand trip.

As I'm writing this with my phone in one hand, the other is holding on to Raees who is feeding himself to sleep. At least I hope he will continue sleeping till morning comes. When it does, he will be a year old already..a toddler.

Getting emotional just looking at him as he is latched on. Do you feel the same as you're celebrating your first child's birthday?

Uh, he's done. Better put him in his crib.

"Goodnight, my dear. Happy early birthday. No matter how old you are..1, 2, 3 or even 30, you will always be my baby. Mommy loves you to bits!"

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TRIPLETSplusONE said...

breastfeeding surely need all the willpower n determination,for those working like you of coz the anxiety come when milk production is low bt for me stay-at-home-mom i need even more determination bcoz it surely caused backache and such when ur kid latch on to u 24/7. pantang nmpak i duduk he'll be coming to me park himself into position for feeding,often that he ia jist pacifying n not drinking. bcoz he is so used to latching on during day time, he woke up average of 8 times for nite feeding.
my back just couldnt take it coz he wouls choose which side he wants n i hv to sleep on one side through out thw nite. at 20 months i had to call it a stop coz it was time for me to do justice to my body n health,the backache was no longer tolerable...

n oh bout donating milk, dont think tats possible coz more than 3 feeding to another baby he/she consider ur anak susuan in which die jatuh hukum adik beradik with raees, thus u gonna keep track sape jd ur anak susuan to ensure he/she does not get married to any of ur children (or btween those anak susuan)

minatgiler said...

happy birthday Raees! :D

Suliana said...


u patut rotate susu tu baru tak expired, means, hari ni u pump yg fresh & simpan beku, yg beku bawa turun utk raees minum.... kalau saya, dah nak expired, saya kasi anak saya sume susu stok tu.. :-) alhmdlh raees sihat, aqil plak selalu demam even minum susuibu. may be dia duk nursery, so tak blh elak keadaan mcm tu.. :-(

anyway, happy bday in advance raees!!

Thara said...

ure very right. breastfeeding does take a lot of willpower and determination, and we're all very proud of you to be able to pull it off up until today! :)

and as for donating the milk, well, if u dont mind having a milk son/daughter, why not! :P bcoz like ur friend said up there, more than 3 feedings would make the baby your "anak susuan" ;)

anyhow, happy birthday raees! have a great one! ;)

Thara said...

oh and btw, i did feel all sorts of jumbled emotions when aydein turned one too. happy that he's growing so well, and now a toddler. sad bcoz he's no longer considered a baby! but like you said, they will always be our baby and as long as he's growing happily and healthily, i am a happy mum! :)

mrs Fahmi said...

happy birthday raees!! How time flies...i felt the same way as you when my girl turned 1 yr old this year....rasa macam it was just yesterday that she was all pink and tiny and wrinkly....next thing you know, they've grown so much, that all the newborn clothes look so tiny when we put it next to them....the joys of motherhood...;-)

rara said...

happy birthday raees!

fan said...

happy birthday raees ;)
*be a good boy ok*

airin diana said...

Happy 1st Birthday Raees! May you become a soleh son to ur mommy and daddy.
and of course, congratulations irin! it's already a year breastfeeding ur son. time does fly rite?
I look up to ur spirit for still providing bm eventho u went outstation. currently im planning to prepare a lot of ebm for lil one for my next yr o/s. hopefully manage to follow ur step ;)
oh btw, buat birthday party for raees x? i guess during hari raya - birthday party cum open hse, rite? dont forget to invite us!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Mun: i guess everyone face different challenges with children kan? Anyways, I am aware of the Ibu susuan bit. Of course if I were to donate my milk, I would definitely keep it within the family. It was just a thought anyway. Looks like I have to start gving raees the frozen ones before more expire.

Minatgiler: thank u!

Suliana: tu lah..I silap. Patut rotate lama dah. Ni banyak dah kena buang. Lepas ni I rotate ;) anyways, kalau kat nursery tu kan exposed to other children so senang jangkit apa2 penyakit other children have..

Thara: thanks for the support. I manage to breastfeed until now is partly driven by the never ending support of my readers :D

IRIN PUTRI said...

Mrsfahmi: definitely! I've been reading my posts a year back and still don't believe I've gone though such experience..the miracle of birth :)

Tara, fan: thank u!

Airin: thank u! It wasn't easy but I managed. Alhamdulillah :) wah, u dah plan kan party utk raees? Haha..

LilYofDaPond said...

..congrats to u irin. keep up,mom..!! i totally agree,bfeeding isnt easy as being said. im very thankful and grateful to people around, cause they me give all they can to support me. :)

im trying my best too for my son..bulan puasa ni sgt mencabar..plus bundles of work at office(i always had to skip pumping session).. wish i could just stay home..haha..

anyway,to raees...happy birthday,be a good boy taw!!