Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Party With Mr. Anuar Z

Last week, I had quite an interesting Monday at work. My company, Primeworks Studios, celebrated its 2nd anniversary and that day's motto was 'rest & relax'. Well, sort of. Whoever had work still had to get them done, no?

But those who can take time off from work get to do manicure, shoulder massage and reflexology.

Yes all this was brought to the comfort of our office. Besides 2 lambs and bunch of other food, there were lucky draws, games and quizzed too. I won myself this...

We were also entertained with performances by winners of One In A Million and Mentor 3 (our reality shows). But the best of all, there was special appearance by one of the most talented singers in the region - Anuar Zain!!

He was there more as a guest rather than a performer. So he didn't perform on stage. He did give away lucky draw prizes (that's when all girls were hoping to win something). After a while, the girls demanded that the man himself announce the winners, instead of our MC (just to hear his voice). So he did. The girls went nuts!

Then there was demand for him to sing the winners names. So he did. The girls went crazy!

Later on he sang a birthday song for Primeworks Studio's COO...which we thought was the most singing we could get from him. Again, the girls went berserk. And then, just to try our luck, a colleague requested for his song, Perpisahan, for our colleague, Shaz, who was leaving the company.


Amazing going away present you got there, Shaz!


mama said...

OMG!OMG!OMG!!! Best gilaaaa...if it was me i kaku then pengsan..haha

RuZaNNa said...

Omg Omg Omg too! i will go beserk like those girls tooo!! Jantung mcm stop berhenti if he calls out my name.. hahahahha.. berangan!!
Lucky you that you could see him physically in front of your eyes!.. amik banyak gambar dgn die tak?

rara said...

bestnye buat manicure, massage etc kat office.. hilang segala stress. hehe..

Suliana said...

best nye.. girls ke makcik ke klu tgk AZ mesti gile punya la.. hehe

IRIN PUTRI said...

mama: hahaha..kalau pengsan AZ sambut :P

ruzanna: tak ambik byk pics pun. org lain pun nak ambik pic dgn dia so i tumpang group pic je. jadilah kan..

rara: yeah..free2 je dpt buat kat office :)

suliana: haha..kan?? from budak to org tua semua suka dia..