Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Few Words From Cruise

Hi! My name is Cruise and I'm totally a city turtle. I was raise in the heart of KL with a few of my fellow friends in a huge aquarium.

Recently I was fixed with a satellite tag so I can watch my favourite channels like Animal Planet and E!. I don't enjoy being out of water that much so I just slept as the satellite tag was fixed on my back. It makes me look like a replica, kan?

A week later, I was brought out of the water again. Along with 3 other friends, we went on a roadtrip! I was told I was gonna balik kampung.

We were covered with cloth that was kept wet with salt water and went on the pickup truck.

Because the weather was really hot, we stopped a number of times as the aquarists checked on us to ensure we were wet enough.

We reached our destination about 4-5 hours later. Oh, Cherating! I remember! That's the place where I hatched 4 years ago!

Bless those kind people who work so hard at the Turtle Sanctuary. Now turtles like me have a better chance to survive. There was a time a lot of us didn't have the chance to even hatch because some people enjoy eating our eggs. If nothing was done to prevent this, we might be extinct in years to come.

Uh, what's this? Sun, sea, sand...I'm home! Years of swimming in a gigantic aquarium and now I get the whole sea!

Thank you kind people! I shall always remember you. Freedom!

Yours Truly,

Posted from the South China Sea via my very canggih satellite tag


amirah said...

you should be there, where you belong dear..selamat hari raya...hehehe

Suliana said...

cruise tu bawa satelit tu sepanjang masa ke??

cutemummy said...

hope cruise have a safe journey... is the antenna can last long enuff to track him? kot baru 1nautica swim je dah tertanggal pulak..

IRIN PUTRI said...

amirah: selamat hari raya to cruise? hehe..dia tak puasa tak boleh raya.

suliana: yes, sepanjang masa but one day mungkin tercabut jugak.

cutemummy: the tag dah secure dengan very strong glue. after 2 weeks, they found out cruise dah sampai vietnam!

BLADE EDGE said...

salam irin..

saya ada tgk pasal pelepasan cruise kat majalah 3 hari tu...hopefully someday he will comeback to us here kat m'sia..

anyway so lucky to hear a few words from cruise! hohoho...

wishes u & all tv3 people selamat berpuasa & selamat hari raya!!

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