Monday, August 02, 2010

Baby To Toddler Transition

Whoever came up with the term 'April showers' haven't met my family. It's a month of celebration for all of us...

April 2 - My Wedding Anniversary
April 5 - Parents' Wedding Anniversary
April 6 - Twin Brothers' Birthday
April 20 - The day Mer and me became an item way back then. So that would make it our erm...couple anniversary?

Anyways, there's also double celebration in September...

Septermber 2 - Mer's Birthday (although he hates celebrating it, but I absolutely love it!)
September 28 - My Birthday (loving it at the moment since I'm still in my 20s)

But now, celebrations come slightly early. I'm already feeling the heat. In fact, August is the month we all look forward to, compared to other months. Yes, the day the new love of my life was born on that historical date 25 August 2009.

By this time last year I my tummy was so far forward and already on maternity leave - standing by for Raees' arrival. Haih...good times. Little did I know how much better, happier, jollier, funner, amazingly tremendous time waited for me then.

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