Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Singgah Sahur 2010

On late night Sunday will the wee hours of Monday morning I joined TV3's Singgah Sahur convoy. Besides me there were other TV3 personalities and artists. Destination: Shah Alam and Bangi, Selangor.

First stop was at NST where we witnessed the newspaper printing. We gave out food to the employees hard at work and later got our own food served by the management.

It was around 1am and the menu was rice with bone soup and chicken. Not used to having sahur so early, what more as heavy as that. But rezeki jangan ditolak ;)

Next up was UiTM, Shah Alam where Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir was having a dialog session with the students.
Us girls couldn't help admiring him. Hey don't get me wrong! We're no Datuk-chasers :P We really admire his flawless complextion. No open pores, smooth and glowing. You get what I mean?

OK enough about his perfect skin. By the time we left the campus was almost 2.30am. Our convoy then headed to our main destination which was an OKU training centre in Bangi. I managed to get some shut eye in the van.

Once there, we woke up the handicap students for sahur. Imagine being woken up with the camera right at your face? Surprise! :D

We headed to the cafeteria where we served the students their food. One person was in charge of the rice, some other people took charge of serving the vege, curry, crackers, fruits and guess what I had my hands on? Sambal belacan with amazingly overwhelming aroma.

Those who know me well would know I'm not a sambal belacan chick. I never knew it has such strong sharp smell. I was coughing each time I inhaled it.

At the end of the day, jazz songstress, Noryn Aziz belted out a song for the students and got everyone to sing along.
While I was there, I had the opportunity to mingle with the students. Despite their handicap, the place was filled with positive energy.
That's the kind of attitude everyone should have, kan? That way the world would be a better place to live in :)

You can catch this episode of Singgah Sahur this Friday at 12.30am and repeats at 6pm Saturday.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My First Birthday


Did you know that I am no longer a baby? As of yesterday I am officially a toddler...hooray! I've grown so much over the last 365 days, no? I couldn't believe it myself!

My oh my, now I know why birthday is the day all kids look forward to! My first birthday was extra special too. No, sadly there wasn't a party since it is the month of Ramadan. But it doesn't matter because I was surrounded with so much love and not forgetting presents!

Mommy went to work as usual. So did daddy. I spent the whole day all excited, happily chatting away and refused to nap at all. That got Tok Mama and Tok Wan tired but eventually I took my nap in the evening.

Meanwhile, mommy went shopping for my presents...

However I was still napping when mommy and daddy reached home with the gifts. Mommy was so looking forward to give 'em to me...she had to resist waking me up!

When I finally woke up, without further delay, she helped me unwrap...

...or rather she unwrapped the whole thing herself :D

As you all know, I can go around much faster when I crawl. So that's why I get quite lazy getting up on my two feet. But with this push toy my parents got me...I can easily zoom pass by you!

That was it...so I thought.

Little did I know, there was a surprise in stored for me (for mommy and daddy too, since they were not informed). Tok Ma, Auntie Nor and Uncle Ali came over with presents...and more!

My favourite thing of all...the balloon!!

I don't know how long I played with the balloon...shook it, crawled around with it, hugged it, hit it...

And then they brought out my very first birthday cake...yummy chocolate brownie.

So there you have it, a simple birthday celebration with the people I care about the most.

Happy 1st birthday to me!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I forgot to mention that I've been red-flagged! It first came around last month, 11 months after the birth of the handsome fella, Raees.

From what I read, post pregnancy period may show some uncertainty in first few months mainly due to our body trying to 'configure' itself. Well, I sure hope this month's delay is due to some sort of body configuration!

But Raees has been peeking and kissing my tummy lately. Is that a sign? Oh, I think I'm just being paranoid! Most probably he's trying to say,"hey, this time last year I was in there waiting to come out! Kiss sikit..."

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Pre First Birthday Thoughts

I strongly believe you need to have willpower and determination in order to breastfeed your child into toddlerhood, especially if you work fulltime.

Believe me, it hasn't easy! Especially when you're required to go outstation/overseas for many days. The pressure to ensure that your child still receives sufficient breastmilk while you're away sometimes entices you to give formula a try.

My greatest challenge was of course, if you're an avid reader of my blog, my 9-day New Zealand trip. Prior to the trip as well as during the trip was centered around milk production. Alhamdulillah, I managed to store just enough and pump often enough to maintain the production.

Since then, work trips that last 3-4 days are like peanuts to me :P

I never stopped storing and now I have enough expressed breast milk (EBM) in my freezer to feed Raees for about a month. However it has reached a stage where the EBMs are expiring (reached its 3-month limit). Since I'm not scheduled for outstation work anytime soon, probably half (or more) might need to be discarded. Sad but true :(

I even thought of donating the milk to babies who need them just so they don't go to waste. Is that even possible?

Anyways, as Raees is celebrating his 1st birthday tomorrow, I can't help feeling thankful for the good health that God has given my baby. It's overwhelming to see my boy grow so well, mainly because of my determination to breastfeed him. In fact, if I recall correctly, I had fever twice over the past 1 year, while Raees only had it once!

My next overseas assignment is coming up after Hari Raya. It is expected to last about a week and I will be travelling around that particular country (hope you get the hint that I'm not about to tell you where I'm going yet :P). I expect the experience to be similar to the New Zealand trip.

As I'm writing this with my phone in one hand, the other is holding on to Raees who is feeding himself to sleep. At least I hope he will continue sleeping till morning comes. When it does, he will be a year old already..a toddler.

Getting emotional just looking at him as he is latched on. Do you feel the same as you're celebrating your first child's birthday?

Uh, he's done. Better put him in his crib.

"Goodnight, my dear. Happy early birthday. No matter how old you are..1, 2, 3 or even 30, you will always be my baby. Mommy loves you to bits!"

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Breastfeeding During Fasting Month

Except for the first day, fasting month has been quite OK for me. I drink like a camel every time I wake up for sahur to ensure I am hydrated enough to produce milk in the day. Alhamdulillah, my milk production is not affected.

Then I came across this article and turns out I was doing the right thing...except pumping more often. I just cannot find the time! Twice a day at work is the most I can do.

Anyways, here's the article that I meant. Hope it gives you as much info as it did for me ;)

Susu ibu tidak akan kering

UMUM mengetahui mengenai kebaikan susu ibu yang mengandungi antibodi melindungi bayi daripada serangan penyakit. Jika beberapa tahun lalu, menyusu badan tidak dilihat sebagai trend, kini kian ramai para ibu cenderung mempraktikkannya demi kelestarian kesihatan si kecil.

Tidak timbul lagi soal malu atau segan menyusukan anak di khalayak ramai, walaupun ada mata-mata nakal mencuri pandang.

Namun, bagi ibu yang menyusukan bayi buat pertama kali kedatangan bulan Ramadan menimbulkan sedikit kegusaran kerana khuatir pengeluaran susu berkurangan malah, mungkin tiada susu yang dapat dikeluarkan kerana menjalani ibadah puasa.

"Memang ada segelintir ibu yang berasa bimbang jika tidak dapat menghasilkan susu badan sebanyak seperti hari-hari biasa.

"Tetapi sebenarnya, para ibu tidak perlu gusar kerana penghasilan susu akan tetap sama jika aktiviti pengurusan penyusuan ibu itu dijalankan seperti normal dan ia menjadi amalan berterusan," kata Zatul Hijanah Ramzi.

Elak tertekan

Menurut Zatul Hijanah yang merupakan Kaunselor Laktasi Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor (MBfPC), tanggapan sesetengah ibu mengenai susu badan akan kering ketika berpuasa adalah tidak benar.

"Walaupun kita tidak makan dan minum pada siang hari, ia tidak bermakna ibu tidak dapat menghasilkan susu yang mencukupi untuk keperluan bayi," ujarnya.

Terang beliau, ini kerana ibu masih lagi mengambil makanan dan minuman pada waktu malam iaitu selepas berbuka dan sehingga waktu Imsak.

Bagaimanapun, tegas Zatul Hijanah, seseorang ibu tidak seharusnya mengelakkan atau mengambil mudah amalan bersahur kerana ia adalah bekalan tenaga dan air untuk tubuh ibu sepanjang hari.

"Seseorang ibu seharusnya meminum air yang mencukupi selepas berbuka sehingga waktu Imsak. Sekiranya tidak bersahur dan kekurangan air, tubuh ibu akan mengalami dehidrasi yang boleh menjadi penyebab kepada kurangnya penghasilan susu," jelas beliau.

Bagaimanapun katanya, wanita tidak seharusnya terlalu memikirkan mengenai ibadah puasa yang akan menyebabkan mereka kekeringan susu kerana kebimbangan melampau sehingga menyebabkan stres yang sebenarnya boleh mendorong kepada kemerosotan kuantiti susu badan.

Jelas beliau penghasilan susu boleh merosot bukan disebabkan ibadah berpuasa, sebaliknya kerana stres yang dialami oleh ibu sehingga menghalang refleks ejeksi susu atau let down. Oleh itu, ibu perlu bertenang dan menjalani rutin harian seperti biasa.

Jangan putus asa

Malangnya bagi ibu yang beranggapan susu akan berkurangan sewaktu berpuasa, akan mula ragu-ragu dengan kebolehan mereka untuk terus membekal dan menghasilkan kuantiti susu yang banyak.

Disebabkan tanggapan itu, ada ibu yang mula berputus asa apabila melihat kuantiti susu agak berkurangan pada hari pertama berpuasa sehingga menyebabkan mereka mula mengurangkan aktiviti mengepam susu badan. Malah, ada ibu yang berhenti terus daripada berbuat demikian.

Jika anda mengambil tindakan seperti itu, maka penghasilan susu akan semakin berkurangan kerana kurangnya permintaan.

"Badan kita ini unik kerana dalam proses penyusuan sebenarnya faktor dan konsep 'permintaan dan penawaran' adalah amat penting.

"Semasa proses penyusuan, hormon-hormon seperti prolaktin dan oksitosin akan terlibat. Prolaktin adalah hormon yang menghasilkan susu dan oksitosin pula merupakan hormon yang merembeskan keluar susu ibu. Namun begitu, terdapat satu lagi faktor yang berkait rapat dengan konsep permintaan dan penawaran tadi. Hormon yang dimaksudkan ialah Feedback Inhibitor Of Lactation (FIL) yang juga merupakan sejenis protein yang terdapat dalam susu yang berkumpul dalam payu dara ibu," jelasnya.

FIL memberi tindak balas secara negatif kepada proses penghasilan susu. Apa yang dimaksudkan dengan tindak balas negatif tersebut?

FIL akan mula berkumpul dalam payu dara apabila kurangnya rangsangan dan payu dara tidak dikosongkan dengan betul (hanya sedikit susu yang dikeluarkan daripada payu dara). Tidak kiralah sama ada kekurangan rangsangan itu daripada kurangnya hisapan oleh bayi atau pun kurangnya aktiviti mengepam keluar susu sewaktu bayi tidak bersama ibu.

Tahap FIL yang tinggi ini akan mula memberikan isyarat agar penghasilan susu perlu dikurangkan kerana kurangnya permintaan.

"Ia akan menjadi sebaliknya pula jika payu dara sering dikosongkan. Peratusan FIL dalam payu dara akan menjadi rendah dan seterusnya menghantar isyarat supaya lebih banyak susu perlu dihasilkan oleh ibu.

PARA ibu yang menyusukan bayi ketika bulan puasa perlu mengepam susu dengan lebih kerap berbanding bulan-bulan biasa.

"Oleh itu, susukan bayi dengan kerap dan bagi ibu yang bekerjaya atau pun yang berjauhan dengan bayi pula, jangan lupa untuk mengepam susu pada setiap dua jam atau tiga jam sekali," jelasnya.

Terang beliau, kaum ibu juga tidak perlu bimbang mengenai zat dan nutrien dalam susu badan sepanjang bulan Ramadan.

Berlatih sejak Syaaban

Sementara itu, wanita yang bakal menimang cahaya mata kelima, Kartina Md. Khalid, 37, memberitahu, pengalaman menyusukan bayi pada bulan Ramadan adalah agak sukar dan mencabar kerana badan mudah menjadi letih.

"Apa yang saya lakukan adalah mengambil makanan yang seimbang dan mengatur program pemakanan sendiri. Apabila bekerja, saya akan mengepam susu untuk anak saya.

"Pada dua minggu terakhir Syaaban, saya melatih diri saya supaya kurangkan makan tengah hari dan dalam masa yang sama mengambil lebih banyak buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran," katanya yang merupakan penterjemah dan penyunting sambilan.

Tambahnya, menyusukan anak lelaki lebih mencabar dan ibu memerlukan lebih banyak tenaga. Untuk itu si ibu perlu makan nasi yang banyak ketika bersahur manakala bagi anak perempuan pula, si ibu boleh mengurangkan pengambilan nasi tetapi melebihkan pengambilan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran.

"Para ibu tidak perlu risau kerana susu badan sentiasa ada. Ibu perlu mencari rentak badan sendiri. Pada awal Ramadan memang meletihkan terutamanya pada tiga hari pertama berpuasa.

"Kita akan lihat perbezaan kuantiti dan kualiti pada bulan puasa. Apa yang perlu dilakukan adalah ubah corak pemakanan dengan minum lebih banyak air dan pam susu dengan lebih kerap," ujarnya.

Tegas Kartina, jangan sekali-kali berhenti menyusukan anak kerana jika permintaan susu kurang, pengeluaran akan turut merosot.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Raees' Quick Update

I apologise for the hiatus. Blame it on work. Check out Majalah 3 about Cruise the turtle this Saturday and you'll know why it took so much of my time.

On other notes, Raees is almost a year old! OMG! I just don't believe that his first birthday is coming up so soon! It feels like only yesterday I was walking around with a huge belly.

Well no, Raees hasn't walked yet. But no rush, no pressure. Chill, chill. He has been an expert crawler for a few months now and I guess he still enjoys being on all 4s.

Raees has added more vocabulary and his favourite word right now is 'hello'. He would say that oh so often even to strangers. Such friendly boy isn't he? :)

Yes he isn't afraid of people. Only the occasional startle (from loud voices) would make him cry for a while but other than that, he's one cool baby/toddler to be :)

Don't get me started on his teeth! After pausing at just 3 teeth, suddenly 5 more decided to appear at the same time. One more at the bottom and 4 more on top.

He hasn't been a big fan of solid food for almost 2 weeks now. So it's mommy's milk to the rescue. He had so much milk that his poop is comparable to a small baby's. Big mess!

By the way, should I be worried that he isn't getting enough food? Will this phase go away anytime soon?

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Few Words From Cruise

Hi! My name is Cruise and I'm totally a city turtle. I was raise in the heart of KL with a few of my fellow friends in a huge aquarium.

Recently I was fixed with a satellite tag so I can watch my favourite channels like Animal Planet and E!. I don't enjoy being out of water that much so I just slept as the satellite tag was fixed on my back. It makes me look like a replica, kan?

A week later, I was brought out of the water again. Along with 3 other friends, we went on a roadtrip! I was told I was gonna balik kampung.

We were covered with cloth that was kept wet with salt water and went on the pickup truck.

Because the weather was really hot, we stopped a number of times as the aquarists checked on us to ensure we were wet enough.

We reached our destination about 4-5 hours later. Oh, Cherating! I remember! That's the place where I hatched 4 years ago!

Bless those kind people who work so hard at the Turtle Sanctuary. Now turtles like me have a better chance to survive. There was a time a lot of us didn't have the chance to even hatch because some people enjoy eating our eggs. If nothing was done to prevent this, we might be extinct in years to come.

Uh, what's this? Sun, sea, sand...I'm home! Years of swimming in a gigantic aquarium and now I get the whole sea!

Thank you kind people! I shall always remember you. Freedom!

Yours Truly,

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday Party With Mr. Anuar Z

Last week, I had quite an interesting Monday at work. My company, Primeworks Studios, celebrated its 2nd anniversary and that day's motto was 'rest & relax'. Well, sort of. Whoever had work still had to get them done, no?

But those who can take time off from work get to do manicure, shoulder massage and reflexology.

Yes all this was brought to the comfort of our office. Besides 2 lambs and bunch of other food, there were lucky draws, games and quizzed too. I won myself this...

We were also entertained with performances by winners of One In A Million and Mentor 3 (our reality shows). But the best of all, there was special appearance by one of the most talented singers in the region - Anuar Zain!!

He was there more as a guest rather than a performer. So he didn't perform on stage. He did give away lucky draw prizes (that's when all girls were hoping to win something). After a while, the girls demanded that the man himself announce the winners, instead of our MC (just to hear his voice). So he did. The girls went nuts!

Then there was demand for him to sing the winners names. So he did. The girls went crazy!

Later on he sang a birthday song for Primeworks Studio's COO...which we thought was the most singing we could get from him. Again, the girls went berserk. And then, just to try our luck, a colleague requested for his song, Perpisahan, for our colleague, Shaz, who was leaving the company.


Amazing going away present you got there, Shaz!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Raya Fever Already?

Mommy has been so excited for Raya. She went surveying for her clothes already but didn't buy any yet. Relax mommy, it's not even fasting month!

She got more excited after hosting WHI where they discussed about Kids' Baju Melayu a couple weeks back. One of the guests was the famous baju melayu tailor, Den Wahab, and he kindly invited mommy to his shop.

So we went there recently. Mommy chose the cloth and they took my measurements.

I should be getting my baju melayu by the time I turn 1 :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Baby To Toddler Transition

Whoever came up with the term 'April showers' haven't met my family. It's a month of celebration for all of us...

April 2 - My Wedding Anniversary
April 5 - Parents' Wedding Anniversary
April 6 - Twin Brothers' Birthday
April 20 - The day Mer and me became an item way back then. So that would make it our erm...couple anniversary?

Anyways, there's also double celebration in September...

Septermber 2 - Mer's Birthday (although he hates celebrating it, but I absolutely love it!)
September 28 - My Birthday (loving it at the moment since I'm still in my 20s)

But now, celebrations come slightly early. I'm already feeling the heat. In fact, August is the month we all look forward to, compared to other months. Yes, the day the new love of my life was born on that historical date 25 August 2009.

By this time last year I my tummy was so far forward and already on maternity leave - standing by for Raees' arrival. Haih...good times. Little did I know how much better, happier, jollier, funner, amazingly tremendous time waited for me then.