Friday, July 02, 2010

Super Excited For The World Cup

Raees has always loved watching TV, since there's TV almost everywhere he goes in the house. Heck, even his mom works at a TV station :P

Among his favourite things to watch on TV are those often repeated like commercials and montages to my favourite shows e.g. TV3's station ID, Glee, American Idol

Usually he stops whatever he's doing and gives full concentration on TV. But with the World Cup season on right now, Mer tunes in to the FWC channel on Astro everyday whether to watch matches or highlights. I'm sure most of you know the World Cup montage that is repeated oh so often.

Raees surely does :)


Thara said...

hahaha so cute! he has such high-pitched voice, especially when he's excited about something! :D haih this video really made my day :)

Dina said...

alahaiiii!!! cute-nye raees!!!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

thara: hehe yeah, it surely made my day. penat2, tension2..tengok this thing will surely make me laugh sorang2.

dina: hehe..everytime keluar ad tu dia jadi excited gitu. tak tahan cute dia :D

ShiLa said...

hahaha, u know what irin..something dat really2 captured my eyes is when he looked at his clapping god, he is tremendously cute!!i dont know why, but i really like dat part n i keep on replaying this clip..haha..thanks for thara, this video really make my day...huhu!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

No prob! glad raees made your day ;)