Friday, July 02, 2010

New Zealand Baybeh!

Here's the main reason why I was sent to New Zealand and left Raees for 9 whole fruits! After watching this report of mine, I'm sure you'll realise why I said I was overloaded with kiwi. Everything you need to know about the can get it here.


Thara Sofian said...

i missed this episode in M3 but this is very interesting! being a broadcast journalist must be very nice kan? besides getting loaded with a lot of new knowledge, u get to travel everywhere meeting different people who then will offer u with even more new knowledge along the way! ;) good for u, babe!

all the while i was watching, i was picturing myself in your place but not sure if i would be able to pull it off especially if aydein is left behind! u sure are very strong (and independent), irin! and oh, another thing, i cant help but to notice that their twang is quite hard to make out, no? what happens if u dont understand what they're saying while ure interviewing them? also, did u ever have to stop them to explain any further just to catch up on taking notes?

ps : keep these coming! especially the bungy jumping one!

IRIN PUTRI said...

thara: thanks! yeah, i really like my job. although there are ups and downs but which job yg perfect kan? unless you're paid to shop? hehe..

when i don't understand what they say, i clarify it along the way. it may be on or off camera. i don't take notes as much. just important points je (my handwriting in my notebook is recognizable). besides, i can always play the tape to listen to the interview again.

the lompat2 story will be up soon ;)