Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Time In Ipoh

For 9 months of my life, I didn't go out of Klang Valley border. But once I did, I got the ball rolling and I can't seem to stop! This time around I went to Ipoh for Raiyan's aqiqah.

The night we reached Ipoh, I watched the World Cup on a GINORMOUS SCREEN at the hotel. I didn't stay too long as I was getting sleepy.

The next day, I managed to take a nap before heading to the aqiqah at Uncle Rizal's house, as I foresee it was gonna be a long day.

Thoughout the trip, I noticed mommy wore me quite often. We brought along the stroller but it was never used. It's OK, I like being worn :) Here we are ready to go, as mommy tightens the sling around me.

She's an expert already! She can put me in and out of the sling on her own. My weight may be one of the reasons why mommy wears me more nowadays.

Daddy didn't wear me but he did dress like me.

We got the timing all wrong and reached the house just after the main ceremony ended. Sorry buddy! But nevertheless, we stayed there for 6 WHOLE HOURS!

Raiyan was put on the swing a lot, something I've never been on. Looks like fun...

Hmm..I'm curious to know how it feels like being swung.

As if reading my mind, mommy put me on the swing and back and forth I went!

Just look at me...I was shocked! My mouth open, arms at both sides of my head...I freeze in that position for a while. It was kinna cool but I don't think it's my kinna thing. I began turning over and tried climbing out of it.

Then it was time to eat. It was the first time mommy gave me food in the jar. As she offered a spoonful of it, I opened my mouth wide...

...bluek!! I didn't like it one bit! You should've seen the look on my face. I shoke my head, my body...everything. It was sour!'s nothing compared to home cooked meal.

Had a glass of water to wash out the taste.

So it's was just mommy's milk to keep me filled for the rest of the day.

We went back home that same day, where my delicious home cooked meal was waiting for me. It may be a short trip, but still a lot of fun :) More please!


Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

ololo cian raes puasa seharian hu hu..apa pun ur third picture sangat comel...lepas ni bawa mumi jalan2 jauh sket k

Thara said...

raiyan is SO HANDSOME! not sure if he gets more of his mom's or his dad's features tho. pasal both of his parents pon look like chinese kan! ;)

omg aydein HATES food from jar. the first time i tried it on him, he spat it out immediately! homecook meal is the best! :D

Nini D.. said...

bagusnye Raes..amat behave sekali..gmbr bangun tido dengan muka mamai tu cute sgt...apapun..Mummy tetap the best...muka pakai baju kurung bunga2 cenggitu mcm budak sekolah la.. :)

fan said...

raees sgt comel mase tdo+muke bgn tdo, mcm budak besar dah gayanya... kak irin wear baju kurung sgt sweet ;)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Thara: I think he looks like his mom but dunno lah too early to tell. Hey I thought Raees je tak suka jar food. Good to know he's not alone.

Nurul aima: yeah puasa solid food sekejap. Nasib baik roadtrip tu sekejap Je.

nini: gitulah muka raees tiap2 pagi. Geram je tgk. Hehe.. Saya mcm budak Sekolah? Hahaha..kalau tak pakai make up n ikat rambut agak2 dpt balik school tak? :P

fan: thanks fan :) I yg tgk raees hari2 pun I rasa dia mcm big boy sgt dah.

mama said...

my daughter likes the jar food during her first road trip masa 7mths. 2nd road trip she was 9mths and yes she HATES it!!! You can bring other food like oats or banana. Apa2 pun raees sgt segak!!

Suliana said...

lama u tak update blog :-) come la raees bangun tido buat muka cam tu..hehe.. dia tak tido buai ke?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suliana: lambat coz network problem :D anyways, raees tak pernah tido buai. kita dodoikan je..

mama: hmm same taste kan babies ni? ingatkan jar food senang, bukak and terus bagi. the fact that it's created for babies, it should be sedap for them. rupanya tak! ish3..

miZz_nizZ said...

comei baby..heehe

RuZaNNa said...

I like the lok Raees when he wokr up too.. mcm mamai lagi.. so cute!

Anyway, my son had a bad allergic eating food in jar.. since then mmg semua homemade.. at least i can control the ingredient :)

LilYofDaPond said...

hye irin, raees still bfeed caya lah!!..suke sgt ,inspirasi tuk saya,ngehehe...

skrg neh, how much bottle dia minum?

IRIN PUTRI said...

mizz_nizz: thank you :)

ruzanna: haha..yeah, i always think he looks cutest bila baru bangun tido.

lily: raees tak minum byk sgt ebm from bottle. tak berapa minat. kalau pagi sampai petang less than 15oz. kalau direct memang byk tapi tak tau mcm mana nak keep track. malam2 still bgn every 2-3 hours utk minum susu. but bila i outstation and dia kena minum ebm from bottle, dia bgn sekali je.