Friday, July 02, 2010

IOU Majalah 3

I notice since Raees came into my life, it has been like a breath of fresh air at this blog. So much to share about the new boy on the block and face it, there's always something interesting to write about him.

However when this blog was first created, I was a fresh grad enjoying being jobless while job hunting. Then when I landed in TV3, it was all about my work. Those days seem so far away, kan? I don't think I've written about work for quite a while.

So I'm reimbursing what I owe you people about my work, mainly on my stories for Majalah 3. Each report by me is done almost 100% by myself - research, shoot, edit, post production and script. So it's a whole lotta work involved for a few minutes on the air.

Here's one when I went to Sabah and left Raees for the first time, it's called Tuhun Daing, aired on 24 April 2010. It's about fishermen at Pulau Matanani, Sabah, who dive into deep sea using homemade diving equipments...seriously! They claim to be able to go as deep as 50 meters. Craziness!

Animal stories are one of my specialties, besides military and science. I did one on the Malayan Civet or better known as musang. When I was out shooting this story a while back, I experienced my worse allergy. Here is it, aired in May 2010.

I will upload my New Zealand stories next. Hang in there..

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