Saturday, July 17, 2010

Extreme New Zealand!

Here's another one of my Majalah 3 stories from New Zealand. That country is considered 'The Adventure Capital Of The World'. So what's the point of going to NZ without trying out some of the extreme activities that they are well known for, right?

So I braved myself and went ahead with some of the activities that I had the chance to try. Was I scared? Totally! Was it fun? Absolutely! Will I do it again? In a heartbeat :)


AshAnas said...

I sempat try Kawarau Jet kat Queenstown... Bot laju then akan berpusing 360 degree kat tgh2 sungai... mmg best!
New Zealand mmg best!

rara said...

u looked nervous masa nak buat skyjump and skyswing tu.. tapi u did it la babe! salute! kalau i pon, walaupon takut sure nak buat jugak.. for the experience.. :)

Yours Truly said...

that's so awesome! you go girl!!hehee

RuZaNNa said...

Job well done Irin!
I'm so jealous with you.. how i wish M'sia has this kind of extreme games.. ni tidak.. kena belanja thousands to experience this..

Once you've tried it.. once you've conquered the fear.. mmg akan try again kan? that's how i fell in love with theme parks.. the roller coasters!

Anonymous said...


just to correct what was written/said on your documentary, Auckland is not the capital of NZ, Wellington is :)


Malaysian who is now living in NZ.

IRIN PUTRI said...

AshAnas: tu! yeah, NZ mmg best :D

rara: very nervous! but lepas habis tu nak lagi!

yours truly: thank you!

ruzanna: i've never tried those terbalik2 nyer rollercoasters before. takut sgt! but this time, i braved myself jugak :D

Anonymous: thank you for informing :)