Monday, June 28, 2010

When Raees Aryan Meets Rizq Raiyan

I finally meet Auntie Leen (daddy's sister) and Uncle Rizal as they came back from the UK. And they brought along with them my cute little 3-month old cousin, Rizq Raiyan...

I was introduced to Auntie Leen and somehow she couldn't stop adoring my bumbum...haha! Seriously, Auntie Leen? I'm shocked!

From the first time I met Raiyan, I knew we are gonna be best buds. I wanted to grab him a few times to get him to play with me. Somehow mommy held me back saying that I might injure him with my strong grip.

Raees: Hellooo! How are you buddy?
Raiyan: I'm hot! Why is this place so hot??
Raees: Ohh, this is Malaysia lah. It's always hot. That's why I love playing with water.

Raiyan: I wanna join you. Mamaaaaa...I wanna play with water!
Raees: Eh, agak2lah. Wait a few more months then you can play with snow even!

Raiyan: Fine :(
Raees: Hey, cheer up! In a few months time we can play whatever we wanna play! We can play catch around the house. We can jump around. We can go swimming. We can play Ultraman...oh so many things to do!
Raiyan: Really? That's so cool! What else can we do? Raees? Raeessss?

Raees: Talk to you later. I'm playing with mommy's phone.

Raiyan: You're so easily distracted aren't you? Fine...just be prepared. Soon I'll be chasing after YOU!


Adrina Adi said...

cucu Mok Cik Mah semua lelaki ker?

ada yang perempuan tak?

Nini D.. said...

hahaha...cute conversation!

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

ultraman..?! ni mesti mumi dia yg minat 'ultraman' :) BOTH OF THEM sangat sumilll!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Adrina: Tak..ada girl sorang. Dah 9 tahun dah pun.

Nini: Thanks! Cute conversation from 2 cuties!

Nurul Aima: Haha..budak2 laki bukan suka Ultraman ke? Takkan suka Barbie kot? Hehe! :P

LIP (^_^) said... day they will be the people who cause ''gamat'' around the house..chasing and playing with each others.. :)

Glam Mama Adriana said...

Irin, you ada bakat jadi screenwriter la camni! Hahaha!

There is nothing like little children the same age growing up together...they are going to be BFFs for sure :D

IRIN PUTRI said...

Lip: yeah looking forward to that day :D

Adriana: haha screenwriter sangat! I foresee they will be BFFs too :)