Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Vacation Baby!

I was in Perlis over the weekend for Karnival Jom Heboh. A friend of mine, Azzura, brought her little family along. Her son, Hayden Ramazan, is just 1 day older than Raees. So naturally, we like to share and exchange notes about our pregnancy back then and now, our babies.

Here's one conversation we had while we were at the Studio 3 booth:

Azzura: What do you feed Raees when you travel?
Irin: Travel as in outside if KL?
Azzura: Yeap.
Irin: Err..he has never been outside of KL *surprised with my own answer* What about Hayden?
Azzura: He has been to quite a few places...Langkawi, Malacca..

I can't help but feel Raees is missing out on things. I know he's still a baby and wouldn't be able to appreciate it now, but what if one day he looks at the countless photos of himself as a baby and finds that it was all taken around town?

It's totally different than my infant life. As young as 3 months, I was on the plane to Switzerland as my father was posted there for about 2 years.

I had the priviledge to travel around Europe at a very young age. But then again I don't remember any of the experience and only have the pictures as prove that I've touched snow.

Raees is 9 months young now and before you know it, he'll be celebrating his first birthday! And there goes his babyhood. Have to bring Raees for a vacation even if it's just nearby. But where?

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Suliana said...

bawa la raees gi jln2, kasi dia berkenalan dengan dunia luar, bird, moon etc2..mcm kat umah tak blh nmpk ek? hihi.. tapi klu duk umah diam2 pun ok gak, pnykit byk skrg kat luar..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Eh Raees takdelah duduk je kat rumah. Memang selalu bawak Raees keluar jalan2 tapi semuanya around KL/Selangor je. Tak pernah bermalam kat tempat lain kecuali hospital masa baru lahir and kat rumah.

mama said...

a short trip to malacca, PD, langkawi or even a nite at Pullman's Putrajaya will do if ur tied up with work. Need to expose him to other surroundings a bit :) I'm sure he'll love the pool and white sandy beach!! Anyway, u were so tembam masa baby :D

Thara said...

ure right, we should all bring our babies out and about once in a while, especially to places outside KL/Selangor. it's good for their development kan! Aydein is lucky because both his grandparents are not from KL/Selangor. So Penang & Johor are like his second home aside from KL :P hey, i've got an idea. lets plan a family trip to Singapore Universal Studio ramai ramai! :D

twayblade said...

go to PD for a start. dekat je kan. takpun save more for a decent trip jauh2 skit. langkawi ke, sabah ke. it's a whole new experience i tell u, travelling with a baby. brg dia je penuh satu keta.

sarah kalam said...

my doter pon 9mths,this age memg geram la to bring her out..
nk mkn pon kne take turn,sbb da sgt lasak..dok baby chair pon recklessly xnk dok diam2...
tp before,sgt senang n tenang..sbb die so polite girl..sopan santun je..hehhehehee..tp so much fun!!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Mama: yeah desperately need to bring him out. And yeah, I was that tembam as a baby :D

Thara: so aydein has been around quite a bit eh? That's the thing.. Raees' grandparents are all nearby. Ramai2 to universal studios? I want!

Twayblade: yeah I had PD in mind. The nearest beach kan. Sabah pun nak pegi coz nak revisit our honeymoon destination ;) Liverpool pun nak pegi coz nak visity sister in law and Raees' new cousin! But time is the issue here.

Sarah Kalam: that's exactly what I am experiencing now. Lasak and gotta take turns makan. Lagilah turun berat badan I jaga dia.

Ernie Khairina said...

universal studio! (singapore the nearest), he surely loves the place =)

IRIN PUTRI said...

I will too! :D

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

ha ah..bawakla raees tmpt baru..konfom dia akn bljr benda baru...i remember my son bljr minum guna straw masa kitorang bercuti..then bila dah balik dr bercuti he act mcm dah besar

ZuRin Ramli said...

If you want to go nearby...why not Cyberview Lodge..it's very nearby and a good place to relax. Boleh bawak Raees mandi swimming pool. Kalau malam you guys can go jalan-jalan Putrajaya. Penang is good too...we love it coz of the good food. Contemplating to visit Sabah again maybe to Karambunai this time tapi biler ingat kena naik plane rasa hassle. Raees has such a sweet smile. Enjoy your trip with him wherever it maybe..:)

mrs Fahmi said...

Daania's first holiday was to pullman putrajaya....and a few other hotels around KL....then, we tried out Malacca - rented the A'Famosa Bungalow with a private pool and recently Singapore....she's 14 months, and enjoyed the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari very much!
Bawak la Raees jalan²....he will definitely enjoy it...and so will you...;-)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Aima: sounds like fun! Looking forward to going on vacation gitu.

Zurin: gotta do justice to Mer coz he works in Cyberjaya, very near Cyberview Lodge in fact. But thanks for the suggestion :)

mrs fahmi: I know! Not just Raees but I also badly need a holiday. Time's ticking and it's quite difficult for both Mer and I to find time off now. But by hook or by crook we shall go for a vacation before fasting month.

ZihNuN FaTiN said...

Raees makin membesar makin bertambah2 comelnye!^__^

airin diana said...

Wah, universal studio spore! *nak join nak join. i bet it will be fun!

you should bring raees to nice places with beaches, or waterfall, say PD or waterfall near genting highlands(cant remember the name, but the water was soo cold even tho in the afternoon), or like u said, sabah - very nice view esp at kundasang (me too would like to revisit our honeymoon spot-somehow tersama pulak dgn u)

btw u were so chubby as a baby!

RuZaNNa said...

Thara.. My june plan trip to Universal Studio SG.. so we can plan for a trip ramai2!..

Anyway Irin, we're sort of in the same boat.. my son hardly go out to public places and out of KL during his first 9 months.. my husband works in sarawak.. so mmg rarely go out.. kalau bermlm jauh pun was at my in laws in Penang/Ipoh..

But don't feel worry about it sbb the older he gets he'll appreciate his surroundings more.. so right now is more than suitable to plan for Raees's first holiday :)..

lily lotus said...

haa..kena bawa dia tour europe jugaklah just like what u had..