Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ultimate Water Experience

*picture heavy alert!*

Last weekend, Uncle Ali (daddy's bachelor brother) invited the whole family for 2 days of complete relaxation and enjoyment! Where you ask? At The Club Saujana, Subang.

It may be just a stone's throw away but nevertheless it was one of the best vacation I've ever had (it's only my second time anyway :P). Mainly because the room and the surrounding were great. Of course, having the extended family there added to the fun.

Daddy and me checking out the place

Prior to the vacation, as mommy wrote earlier, we went shopping and got myself a pair of swimming trunk/shorts.


And then came the part that I looked forward for the most. The ULTIMATE water experience...a whole swimming pool to ourselves!

Afraid that I might get overwhelmed with the amazingly-banyak amount of water, mommy got me to warm up and introduced it to me slowly.

Mommy patting and splashing water on my leg

Within minutes I was in my float, floating around in the pool! Because of the introduction by mommy, I warmed up easily and started splashing around.

I realise that the water smells different. So I splashed and stuck out my tongue to get a taste of it. This got mommy worried. She made sure my face was way above water level by holding the front of the float.

That didn't stop me from splashing and tasting the water anyway. So she offered her finger for me to bite along the way. Thank you mommy!

We swam for about half an hour but I didn't have enough. I needed more pool time! Daddy promised to bring me swimming again the next day.

That night I hung out with my cousin, Rizq Raiyan, at the other room. Too bad he's still too young to swim. I'm sure it would've been much more fun with him around.

The next morning, as promised, we went for another round of swimming. Weee!

This huge pool was just us! Not that it's a private pool but no one else seem to be utilizing it. Daddy says it the perfect pool for my first swimming experience.

By this time I felt like an expert in the pool already. I know that I can go forward by kicking my legs.

But of course, I was never left alone for even a second. I was just having soooooo much fun!

This trip is definitely my ULTIMATE water experience because after spending so much time in the pool, I took a bath in the tub. More water for me!

Later on, as we checked out from our room, we had a family picture time. Mommy had this huge flower at her hair. I was so tempted to grab it. Grr..

It was the perfect end to a great family vacation. Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Here are some of them...

There you have it, my family getaway :)


Nini D.. said...

seronoknye raes main air....
sweet sgt Irin letak bunga tepi telinga mcm tu..dah mcm Princess versi Moden.hehe

YanaNuar said...

Wahh seronoknya Raess dapat main air..tak pandang kiri kanan dah haaa =D

Suliana said...

bestnya raees.. i belum nak bawa aqil main air lagi, sebab dulu telinga dia ada problem berair, so hold dulu. rasanya kalau ada peluang lepas ni, ok dah kot..hehe..

suzzsuzie said...

seems you r enjoying the vacation till the fullest...bestkan?

CT said...

Wah! Raes masuk pool dgn pa n mom dia...hi3. Sonok tak???

Irin tanpa makeup pun still santik. Comel je pakai bunga kat tinge tu...cute!


wahwah Raees dah starts swimming..goodgood..;)
I start intro my lil boy since 5months..and now at 20mnths..swimming suit is something yg i kena hide all the time..kalau terjumpa time malam pun boleh ajak turun swim..and dia boleh pakai swim. suit tu waktu mlm jagk!..hishish!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Nini: berangan jadi princess je tu :D

Yananuar: Tersangat seronok that boy time tu!

Suliana: haa bawak2. For sure dia enjoy betul.

Suzzsuzie: yeah, although dekat je tapi sgt best!

Ct: thanks! Saje je bunga tu sbb SIL lain semua ada bunga gak. Hehe..

Mommynadia: haa swimming pool kat rumah memang best Lah. Anytime boleh gi. Raees jarang2 dpt gi. Skali dpt chance dia Enjoy habis2an.