Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shopaholic & Raees

Dear Raees,

Thanks for patiently accompanying mommy as I went shopping. I know you like it too as you get to see new things and new faces around you.

You're always in a good mood whenever we go out, kan? As I push you in the stroller, I can see you rocking both your legs with such joy. It seems like mommy has been buying on impulse nowadays as I have to make quick decisions and not make you wait long. You usually protest if you're made to wait and stay stationary for a while. You like to be on the move, eh boy?

But nowadays shopping is never the same. Besides buying things for myself, I tend to buy things for you everytime we go out. You do realise that right? So I hope you don't go crying, screaming and rolling on the floor when you're bigger just to get something.

I bet you liked our recent outing. Remember the one where you went in the fitting room to try out something? It wasn't easy doing it on my own that I had to get the shop assistant and daddy to help keep you calm as I tried the thing on you.

Little did you know, it was the first step to the ultimate experience! You know what I'm talking about, right Raees? :D

I'll let you write about it next, OK sayang? *muax*



CT said...

so cute..!

Nini D.. said...

so sweet right, with heaven!

Suliana said...

baiknye raees duk dalam stroller..hehe

LIP (^_^) said...

swimming?? :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

CT: raees says thank you :D

Nini: hehe best tapi kena cepat2 pilih and beli.

Suliana: raees suka duduk dlm stroller as long as he's moving around.

Lip: tunggu raees tulis his next post :D

Nurul said...

Hi Irin,

I enjoy reading ur blog. My baby girl is a week older than Raees and her development is almost the same like Raees's :)

My baby baru je tumbuh gigi, and let me guess.. Raees had his first step? *wink*

lily lotus said...

seronoknya dia teman mommy shopping..dah berlari2 nanti lagi fun!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Nurul: first step belum lagi but he's getting there :)

lily lotus: lari2 nanti sure susah nak kejar2!