Monday, June 21, 2010

Raees Out Of Bounds

Remember how it suddenly hit me that Raees never went out of KL/Selangor? I had a preggers vacation and forgot all about baby vacay! I said to myself, I MUST bring him out of KL/Selangor border even for a while, before Raees enters toddlerhood. However time doesn't seem to permit it and it was difficult to find the perfect time when both Mer and me are free.

A few weeks ago, Mer mentioned that he had go to Singapore for an exhibition, CommunicAsia to be exact. He was there to promote RFID solution (note: this last sentence was added by Mer. Very IT isn't it?). I didn't think much about it until I found a letter on my desk saying I have to attend an exhibition in Singapore on the exact date Mer was scheduled to go! But mine was called BroadcastAsia.
Turns out both events were organized simultaneously at the same venue. What are the odds?

Mer was concerned about leaving Raees behind while both of us are in the land of the roaring lion. Sunday night, just one day before leaving, I came up with this idea *bulb lights up* Well, to be honest, my friend Alia was the one who threw the idea to me :D

Anyhooo..the idea was: bring Raees and my parents along for the 3D2N trip. I tried my luck and asked my parents, and get this...they were game for it! Yay!

I like to travel light so Mer and me shared a luggage bag. However I got Raess one luggage exclusively for him filled with 3 day clothes, 2 pajamas, bottle warmer, bottled baby food, toys and a few other stuff. I brought along 5 frozen expressed breast milk in a Coleman, just in case.

By Monday afternoon, we were ready to go!

Raees has always been excited whenever he goes out. This time around was no difference. He sat very obediently in his carseat, smiling away...

We played various games, be it clapping, pulling my hair or hiding under the blanket.

When he got tired, he slept. Then stretched his limbs at the R&R...

My company, Media Prima, sent a bus load of people and put us up at a hotel in Johor Bahru. So we got our own rooms at the same hotel for convenience. Plus, Raees doesn't have a passport to get into Singapore (note to self: get him a passport!).

It was night time when we reached JB, so we quickly checked in the hotel...

...and left for dinner at Danga Bay.

I have never seen Raees SO excited! When we reached our table...he smiled.

When the waiter came for our orders...he said 'hey!' (well sort of). When he saw other kids running around...he laughed his heart out. While we had our dinner, he sat on his baby chair just babytalking to himself and anyone who was listening.

It was about 11pm by the time we were done. But Raees' energy level remained the same. I'm guessing he was processing every single new thing he saw.

Now here's something I learn from this trip...Mer and me may travel light, but not Raees. I never expected him to wet himself so badly that his pajamas was soaked and so were the sheets. It never happened before! I think the cold room and the blanket that he kicked off himslf in his sleep caused it. Not wanting Raees to get sick, I knocked on my parents' room at 5.45am with sleeping Raees in my hands to get fresh pajamas (I left Raees' bag there for convenience while Mer and me were away in the day).

That was when things started to turn bad. He cried so loudly that I'm sure we woke other people who stayed nearby. Milk helped for a while but he refused to sleep. I had to leave for Singapore with the company bus while Raees was still upset.

My parents mentioned that he was throwing tantrum almost the whole day except for the half an hour nap he had in the morning. He was better when he was outside...but not back in my parents' hotel room.

He was a lot better that night, as Mer and I came back and brought him to our room.

The next day my parents moved to my room as they checked out theirs. While Mer and I spent the final day at Singapore, Raees was behaving opposite as compared to the day before.

Here's my mom's theory: Raees may be disturbed by who-knows-what at the other room (!!). Well, the signs sure pointed towards that theory. How much that is true, nobody knows.

Although it wasn't much of a vacation, at least Raees finally went on his first roadtrip. After we got back home, he has been so much easier to handle. He sleeps better too! If that's the case, I look forward for more trips! Not a worktrip, but a proper family trip.


airin diana said...

Good for Raees! At last, out of KL/Selangor area. he looked so happy sitting on the babychair.
Oh, about the crying due to those "things". i dont really believe on those "thing" but it happened once to us. my baby was in her happy mode and suddenly cried out of nothing. mystery, rite?

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

yey..finally tapi part distrbed by who-knows-what tu menakutkan..usually bila saya bawa nur jr ke tmpt baru mesti bc macam-macam surah sbb baby kan bleh nampak benda-benda halus..T__T

aNa SuZaNa said...

uikkk.. u pegi ye irin.. my hubby pun pegi jugak.. setiap thn dia mesti join exhibition ni..

Nini D.. said...

yeayy!!.. at last u made it!!..thumbs up for u!..its ok..still have lot of time to take Raes for other trip..

Anonymous said...

dear irin,

ive been ur silent reader before..well, i kinda agree wit your mom, n mayb if your are goin for a holiday with ur Raees, mayb u can bring Surah Yassin along..n mayb let him listen to Ayat Ruqyah. ive tried this on my Fatin, n it works..hehehe..

Raees is such a handsome boy..*wink*

- ibu Fatin -

IRIN PUTRI said...

Airin: It sure was a mystery. Kesian raees..

Ana: oh ye? Ni my first time ke sana.

Nurul aima: yeah next time I kena beringat. Arak nak the same thing to happen again.

ibu fatin: thanks for breaking the silence :) and thanks for the advice.

Nini: Yesss at last! :D

RuZaNNa said...

Irin.. i think raees ada the same cheeks as your dah lah!.. he looked sooo happy in the car.. mesti excited on his first road trip eh.. hehe

Anyway, we called the situation raees had as 'beralih tempat'.. my son pun kekadang pun akan nangis out of nowhere when we travel to a new place..

And yes.. packing for the little one can never be as light as the parents.. mmg kena bawak baju spare banyak.. nvm.. u'll gain more&more experience on the unexpected incidents once your nucleus family travels more :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

Ruzanna: Same cheeks as my dad?? That's the first time anyone gave that kind of resemblance. Hehe.. Well Raees has a lot of my family features on him. Some say he looks so much like my brothers.

Oh yes, sgt2 excited that boy that day. But when the second day crying was not good. Beralih tempat syndrome eh? Any cure?

If I were to pack for myself or hubby, I get rid of those 'just in case' attires and only bring ones that I will definitey wear. And I somewhat applied that principle for Raees, except I brought along 1 extra baju, you know, just in case. Haha.. Now I know, next time there shall be many just-in-cases!

RuZaNNa said...

Betul irin.. esp the picture masa ur dad dukung him kat danga bay tuh.. heheh

Well the other thing i lupa nak ckp.. my mom always remind us to recite ayat kursi and surah 3 Kul before masuk rumah/hotel after coming back from anywhere at night.. die ckp that is leave whatever yg follow the lil kids while we were out.. since kids can see 'them' so they tend to follow.. Alhamdulillah so far mmg berkesan.. but the 'beralih tempat' thingy still tak sure what's the definite cure, but when that happens, again i'll recite those surah above..

Glam Mama Adriana said...

I don't usually believe in such things, but a similar incidence happened to Afraz once, at a restaurant in KLCC of all places! The moment we left (tak sempat makan pun!), he calmed down. It was really weird.

My parents also once had to leave a hotel in Cameron Highlands because my brother and I were freaking out (we were really small then, probably around 3 and 1). Sanggup balik KL tgh2 malam tu.

IRIN PUTRI said...

Ruzanna: thanks for the tips! Shall put it in mind.

Adriana: yeah I don't really believe it either but when things like this happens it makes me wonder jugak. Cameron acceptable but KLCC? Weird!