Friday, June 04, 2010

Postpartum Blues Revisit

After 9 months is it even possible? I guess it needs just the right ingredients to trigger the blues.

Stress from work
Completing urgent work @ home
Baby who refuses to sleep
Baby who insists to be entertained the whole time
Can't ignore baby's cries or it may seem like you don't care enough for the precious one
Juggling urgent work and baby alone (most of the time)
Clock shows 2am, then 3am, then is still not done and baby is still awake
When the sun rises, it's another day at work
Feeling helpless

= Postpartum Blues

I thought I would be able to kill two birds with one stone when I brought back work as I get to be near Raees. I completed my work, eventually. At 4.30am.

This experience tells me that it wasn't a good idea and I should leave work at work (even if it means coming home very late?).

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen, dilemma of a working mom.


dbalkis said...

I pernah rasa, kerja yang rasanya boleh siap by 1am end up finished at 4am after minus 30min-1hr for 2x feeding bb and entertaining him who refuse to sleep coz mummy not sleeping with him..huhu..byk2 saba ye..

Thara said...

this sounds more like a dilemma of a working mom to me, not postpartum blues! :P i think everybody goes through this lah babe! :) anyways hmm how about putting him to sleep dulu sebelum u start ur work? i notice one thing about my baby, he wont sleep if i dont sleep. so sometimes, when im already too tired and am not able to entertain him after the long working hours, i'll try to put him to sleep dulu by letting him feed on me while lying down. and if that still doesnt work, i'll close my eyes and fake my sleep. and after some time, he'll get the idea and go to sleep by himself :) lepastu, baru i'll get up again and continue with my work once he's deep in lalaland :) try it!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Dbalkis: I tak tau berapa kali I bf and dodoi Raees bagi tido. Even bila terlelap sekejap dia cargas je jaga balik.

Thara: Raees didn't sleep much in the day so he was flat by 930pm. I thought ngamlah coz I can concentrate on work.

He woke up every hour though. Bf n pat3x did the trick as he fell asleep again. But when he woke up at 1am, he was all energized. so what he had earlier was just a nap! Can you believe that?

Nini D.. said...

sabar ye..hebat kan tanggungjawab seorang ibu..tu br sorang..kalo dah 3-4org nnti,..mau lebam keliling mata sbb xcukup rehat..xdpt la saya nk komen psl nih sbb saya xbekerja..since pregnen lagi dah bhnti keje sbb alahan terok.. jadila suriumah sepenuh masa merangkap sexytary suami.. apapun,..saya cukup suka baca entry Irin..

Aini said...

Oh well! That's what you call facts of life of a working mom...

Been there. Done that. And now, doing it all over again.... hahaha..

It never ends ;).

Hang in there!!! Be patient, dear!