Monday, June 14, 2010

Many, Many Firsts

The past few weeks were amazing! There are many reasons why. Let me share!

Daddy got me my first ride! Here I am about done assembling it and searching for the blue handle. Hmm...where can it be?

I went shoe shopping and tried out a shoe at a store for the first time. Not only that, I brought it to the counter and handed it to the nice lady before it was rightfully mine.

Mommy looks like a small girl in this picture, no?

And then I met my friend Aydein, finally! He turned one year old and his mommy threw a party for him with lots of balloons. Coolness! Oh yeah, it was the first time my mommy and Aydein's mommy met too.

That party also marked another first for me. It was the first time I butt in other people's picture.

Hey, I just happened to be there minding my own business with that toy. They decided to snap a picture right there. It wasn't my fault :P

The football season is here! My first World Cup! Woohoo! Daddy doesn't dress me up in any jersey but he says I'm a future Brazil supporter.

As I was out and about over the weekend, I saw this HUGE cicak by the roadside. It has a blue tongue. That was the first time I saw such animal.

This next first for me is the most important of all the firsts. My first tooth!!!

Oops..wrong one. That picture was taken a few weeks ago when my gums were swollen. Here you go, my first ever gleamy pearl...

As I'm writing this, I'm on my way to another first. But I will share that with you soon :D


RieNa said...

Raees sudah tumbuh gigi~!!

lps ni jgn gigit2 mommy ye..;)

p/s ; Raees sudah jumpa Aydein. Aunty pun x sempat lg jumpa dia.

liyana said...

aik! oman pun ade di situ..hehe

Thara said...

look at Raees's first white cap! comel je! hehe :P and eh, isn't that ME (with Aydein) in the picture? :P

it was very nice meeting you babe (and Raees) the other day! Kenji said she's never been in a house full of babies haha. i'd say, we should do it more often! :P

oh and thanks again for joining me and my Little family at Aydein's First Birthday Bash and also for the lovely gift you got for Aydein! xoxo.

Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

congratulation raees :)

RuZaNNa said...

You really look like a teenage girl in the 3rd picture..

Nway.. sungguh geram ok tgk Raees at Aydein's birthday.. esp the thighs.. nice meeting you eventhough we didn't talk much :s

IRIN PUTRI said...

Riena: dia gigit sikit2 baru. Hehe..

Liyana: Oman dlm pic yg raees menyibuk tu ye? :D

Thara: yea that is you (and aydein) :D Thanks for the invitation!

Nurul aima: thank you!

Ruzanna: Mer says I look like a teenager tgh sakit perut. Hahha..

Yes I always thought Raees has sexy drumstick thighs :D and nice meeting you too :)

irzaidah said...

i like the part "Mommy looks like a small girl in this picture, no?" haha. Yes u r sis! u look so young u know, envy you.

airin diana said...

Wow! Raees dah tumbuh gigi!! nice! dont bite ur mommy k? b good boy tau!
Do they always hv swollen gums before teething? my 8mth+ daughter has not yet teething, but she loves, loves, loves to bite my fingers and anything that came in front of her.not sure if thats one of the sign of teething?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Irzaidah: thank you :D

Airin: His gums were swollen cos the teeth dah nak keluar sgt that time. But then I don't see it at the bottom. Tak tau lah bila that part will grow. kalau suka gigit tu one of the signs of teething. So is drooling. Tapi this time raees tak drool sgt.

mamamarissa said...

wah!!! raees dah tumbuh gigi ya :D

lily lotus said...

yeah dah tumbuh gigi :)...boleh gigit orang..hiks


Congrats Raees dah ada gigi...nanti jgn bite ur mommy k!