Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have Gigi Will Gigit

Within a week after my first tooth came out, 2 more follow suit! So I now have 3 teeth! 2 at the top and another at the bottom. I feel like such a big boy now. No longer I smile the toothless smile. Weee!

However I didn't know teething is a very irritating experience. As my teeth pushed themselves through my gum, it totally affected my appetite. All I could do was drink milk and bite stuff. And I bite anything within reach...

Sure I have a teether and some teething biscuits. But I tend to throw them just to see how they fall with the force of gravity. So when there's nothing else to bite, I look for mommy.

That's just the first 3 teeth. What will happen when more appear? I heard it shouldn't be as bad. Gee...I sure hope so.

So if we ever meet, just be careful coz I bite...hard! :)


Nini D.. said...

kelakar gile gmbr Raes gigit lengan Mummy...tengok ajerla muka Mummy yg rela lengannye digigit Raes..kikikiki

mamamarissa said...

habislah mummy...get ready ya :D

RuZaNNa said...

Look at those teeth!! Sungguh comel! you're gonna have more fun eating now raees :)
Anyway, my son's teeth tumbuh dgn berjayanya that i had to stop bfeeding early sbb injured.. hehehe

Suliana said...

wah.. comel nye ada gigi.. hati2 mommy.. hehe

IRIN PUTRI said...

Nini: Hehe daripada dia gigit benda lain, better my tahan :D

Mamamarissa: dah kena gigit dah pun! Ouch!

Ruzanna: you actually stopped BF?? That bad eh? Raees pun dah start biting but I hope dia ada belas kasihan kat mommy dia. Gigit2 manja dah la..

Suliana: memang tgh sgt berhati2 skarang ni..cepat je dia gigit. hehe..