Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ultimate Water Experience

*picture heavy alert!*

Last weekend, Uncle Ali (daddy's bachelor brother) invited the whole family for 2 days of complete relaxation and enjoyment! Where you ask? At The Club Saujana, Subang.

It may be just a stone's throw away but nevertheless it was one of the best vacation I've ever had (it's only my second time anyway :P). Mainly because the room and the surrounding were great. Of course, having the extended family there added to the fun.

Daddy and me checking out the place

Prior to the vacation, as mommy wrote earlier, we went shopping and got myself a pair of swimming trunk/shorts.


And then came the part that I looked forward for the most. The ULTIMATE water experience...a whole swimming pool to ourselves!

Afraid that I might get overwhelmed with the amazingly-banyak amount of water, mommy got me to warm up and introduced it to me slowly.

Mommy patting and splashing water on my leg

Within minutes I was in my float, floating around in the pool! Because of the introduction by mommy, I warmed up easily and started splashing around.

I realise that the water smells different. So I splashed and stuck out my tongue to get a taste of it. This got mommy worried. She made sure my face was way above water level by holding the front of the float.

That didn't stop me from splashing and tasting the water anyway. So she offered her finger for me to bite along the way. Thank you mommy!

We swam for about half an hour but I didn't have enough. I needed more pool time! Daddy promised to bring me swimming again the next day.

That night I hung out with my cousin, Rizq Raiyan, at the other room. Too bad he's still too young to swim. I'm sure it would've been much more fun with him around.

The next morning, as promised, we went for another round of swimming. Weee!

This huge pool was just us! Not that it's a private pool but no one else seem to be utilizing it. Daddy says it the perfect pool for my first swimming experience.

By this time I felt like an expert in the pool already. I know that I can go forward by kicking my legs.

But of course, I was never left alone for even a second. I was just having soooooo much fun!

This trip is definitely my ULTIMATE water experience because after spending so much time in the pool, I took a bath in the tub. More water for me!

Later on, as we checked out from our room, we had a family picture time. Mommy had this huge flower at her hair. I was so tempted to grab it. Grr..

It was the perfect end to a great family vacation. Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Here are some of them...

There you have it, my family getaway :)

Shopaholic & Raees

Dear Raees,

Thanks for patiently accompanying mommy as I went shopping. I know you like it too as you get to see new things and new faces around you.

You're always in a good mood whenever we go out, kan? As I push you in the stroller, I can see you rocking both your legs with such joy. It seems like mommy has been buying on impulse nowadays as I have to make quick decisions and not make you wait long. You usually protest if you're made to wait and stay stationary for a while. You like to be on the move, eh boy?

But nowadays shopping is never the same. Besides buying things for myself, I tend to buy things for you everytime we go out. You do realise that right? So I hope you don't go crying, screaming and rolling on the floor when you're bigger just to get something.

I bet you liked our recent outing. Remember the one where you went in the fitting room to try out something? It wasn't easy doing it on my own that I had to get the shop assistant and daddy to help keep you calm as I tried the thing on you.

Little did you know, it was the first step to the ultimate experience! You know what I'm talking about, right Raees? :D

I'll let you write about it next, OK sayang? *muax*


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have Gigi Will Gigit

Within a week after my first tooth came out, 2 more follow suit! So I now have 3 teeth! 2 at the top and another at the bottom. I feel like such a big boy now. No longer I smile the toothless smile. Weee!

However I didn't know teething is a very irritating experience. As my teeth pushed themselves through my gum, it totally affected my appetite. All I could do was drink milk and bite stuff. And I bite anything within reach...

Sure I have a teether and some teething biscuits. But I tend to throw them just to see how they fall with the force of gravity. So when there's nothing else to bite, I look for mommy.

That's just the first 3 teeth. What will happen when more appear? I heard it shouldn't be as bad. Gee...I sure hope so.

So if we ever meet, just be careful coz I bite...hard! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

When Raees Aryan Meets Rizq Raiyan

I finally meet Auntie Leen (daddy's sister) and Uncle Rizal as they came back from the UK. And they brought along with them my cute little 3-month old cousin, Rizq Raiyan...

I was introduced to Auntie Leen and somehow she couldn't stop adoring my bumbum...haha! Seriously, Auntie Leen? I'm shocked!

From the first time I met Raiyan, I knew we are gonna be best buds. I wanted to grab him a few times to get him to play with me. Somehow mommy held me back saying that I might injure him with my strong grip.

Raees: Hellooo! How are you buddy?
Raiyan: I'm hot! Why is this place so hot??
Raees: Ohh, this is Malaysia lah. It's always hot. That's why I love playing with water.

Raiyan: I wanna join you. Mamaaaaa...I wanna play with water!
Raees: Eh, agak2lah. Wait a few more months then you can play with snow even!

Raiyan: Fine :(
Raees: Hey, cheer up! In a few months time we can play whatever we wanna play! We can play catch around the house. We can jump around. We can go swimming. We can play Ultraman...oh so many things to do!
Raiyan: Really? That's so cool! What else can we do? Raees? Raeessss?

Raees: Talk to you later. I'm playing with mommy's phone.

Raiyan: You're so easily distracted aren't you? Fine...just be prepared. Soon I'll be chasing after YOU!

Monday, June 21, 2010

You Think You're That Young?

Ouch! That's not a very nice thing to hear, is it? But that was what my loving, most understanding husband, Mer, asked me the other day. Here's what happened...

I was buying waffles and the person behind the counter asked for my order...

Me: saya nak waffle dua.
Girl: tu saja, kak?
Me: ya. Berapa, kak?
Girl: RM 6...terima kasih, kak.
Me: kak, berapa lama siap?
Girl: 5 minit, kak.

Do you notice anything wrong? I honestly didn't, at first. Then Mer popped the question...

Mer: you think you're that young?
Me: huh? What do you mean? (surprised that my man would ask such question out of the blue)
Mer: she's clearly younger than you and you're calling her 'kak'.
(I took a second look at the girl behind the counter and analyzed her this time.)
Me: oh yeah... (now that I look at her, she's probably around 20 years old)

The thing about me is, I automatically address anyone as 'kakak' or 'abang', regardless of how old they are (unless that person is clearly a kid).

Mer said I should accept the fact that I'm not as young and should learn to call people like them 'dik'.

*sigh* Yes dear...

Raees Out Of Bounds

Remember how it suddenly hit me that Raees never went out of KL/Selangor? I had a preggers vacation and forgot all about baby vacay! I said to myself, I MUST bring him out of KL/Selangor border even for a while, before Raees enters toddlerhood. However time doesn't seem to permit it and it was difficult to find the perfect time when both Mer and me are free.

A few weeks ago, Mer mentioned that he had go to Singapore for an exhibition, CommunicAsia to be exact. He was there to promote RFID solution (note: this last sentence was added by Mer. Very IT isn't it?). I didn't think much about it until I found a letter on my desk saying I have to attend an exhibition in Singapore on the exact date Mer was scheduled to go! But mine was called BroadcastAsia.
Turns out both events were organized simultaneously at the same venue. What are the odds?

Mer was concerned about leaving Raees behind while both of us are in the land of the roaring lion. Sunday night, just one day before leaving, I came up with this idea *bulb lights up* Well, to be honest, my friend Alia was the one who threw the idea to me :D

Anyhooo..the idea was: bring Raees and my parents along for the 3D2N trip. I tried my luck and asked my parents, and get this...they were game for it! Yay!

I like to travel light so Mer and me shared a luggage bag. However I got Raess one luggage exclusively for him filled with 3 day clothes, 2 pajamas, bottle warmer, bottled baby food, toys and a few other stuff. I brought along 5 frozen expressed breast milk in a Coleman, just in case.

By Monday afternoon, we were ready to go!

Raees has always been excited whenever he goes out. This time around was no difference. He sat very obediently in his carseat, smiling away...

We played various games, be it clapping, pulling my hair or hiding under the blanket.

When he got tired, he slept. Then stretched his limbs at the R&R...

My company, Media Prima, sent a bus load of people and put us up at a hotel in Johor Bahru. So we got our own rooms at the same hotel for convenience. Plus, Raees doesn't have a passport to get into Singapore (note to self: get him a passport!).

It was night time when we reached JB, so we quickly checked in the hotel...

...and left for dinner at Danga Bay.

I have never seen Raees SO excited! When we reached our table...he smiled.

When the waiter came for our orders...he said 'hey!' (well sort of). When he saw other kids running around...he laughed his heart out. While we had our dinner, he sat on his baby chair just babytalking to himself and anyone who was listening.

It was about 11pm by the time we were done. But Raees' energy level remained the same. I'm guessing he was processing every single new thing he saw.

Now here's something I learn from this trip...Mer and me may travel light, but not Raees. I never expected him to wet himself so badly that his pajamas was soaked and so were the sheets. It never happened before! I think the cold room and the blanket that he kicked off himslf in his sleep caused it. Not wanting Raees to get sick, I knocked on my parents' room at 5.45am with sleeping Raees in my hands to get fresh pajamas (I left Raees' bag there for convenience while Mer and me were away in the day).

That was when things started to turn bad. He cried so loudly that I'm sure we woke other people who stayed nearby. Milk helped for a while but he refused to sleep. I had to leave for Singapore with the company bus while Raees was still upset.

My parents mentioned that he was throwing tantrum almost the whole day except for the half an hour nap he had in the morning. He was better when he was outside...but not back in my parents' hotel room.

He was a lot better that night, as Mer and I came back and brought him to our room.

The next day my parents moved to my room as they checked out theirs. While Mer and I spent the final day at Singapore, Raees was behaving opposite as compared to the day before.

Here's my mom's theory: Raees may be disturbed by who-knows-what at the other room (!!). Well, the signs sure pointed towards that theory. How much that is true, nobody knows.

Although it wasn't much of a vacation, at least Raees finally went on his first roadtrip. After we got back home, he has been so much easier to handle. He sleeps better too! If that's the case, I look forward for more trips! Not a worktrip, but a proper family trip.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Breakfast Menu

You know my parents have totally different taste in food - one western, the other local/traditional.

Let me tell you about this funny morning I had. Mommy and daddy were having breakfast and they were having totally different dishes.

Mommy with her pancakes with butter and honey (plus orange juice)...

...on the other hand, daddy had this thing called Nasi Ambang.

It was served in banana leaf before daddy put it in a plate. I was told this dish can also be served in a tray. Interesting...

Then mommy and daddy started tempting me, to see which one I like better.

Oh no, they were making me decide!

I didn't wanna take sides but since I get delicious milk from mommy, I picked pancakes! Sorry daddy! :P

Daddy said Nasi Ambang is as delicious as how delicious pancakes are to mommy. In fact, mommy's gonna have it for lunch. So as much as mommy is a westerner in food, she still is an Asian at heart :D

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Many, Many Firsts

The past few weeks were amazing! There are many reasons why. Let me share!

Daddy got me my first ride! Here I am about done assembling it and searching for the blue handle. Hmm...where can it be?

I went shoe shopping and tried out a shoe at a store for the first time. Not only that, I brought it to the counter and handed it to the nice lady before it was rightfully mine.

Mommy looks like a small girl in this picture, no?

And then I met my friend Aydein, finally! He turned one year old and his mommy threw a party for him with lots of balloons. Coolness! Oh yeah, it was the first time my mommy and Aydein's mommy met too.

That party also marked another first for me. It was the first time I butt in other people's picture.

Hey, I just happened to be there minding my own business with that toy. They decided to snap a picture right there. It wasn't my fault :P

The football season is here! My first World Cup! Woohoo! Daddy doesn't dress me up in any jersey but he says I'm a future Brazil supporter.

As I was out and about over the weekend, I saw this HUGE cicak by the roadside. It has a blue tongue. That was the first time I saw such animal.

This next first for me is the most important of all the firsts. My first tooth!!!

Oops..wrong one. That picture was taken a few weeks ago when my gums were swollen. Here you go, my first ever gleamy pearl...

As I'm writing this, I'm on my way to another first. But I will share that with you soon :D