Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wearing Raees Outside

Remember the time when I first started wearing Raees? I didn't dare wearing him outside the house because I wasn't sure if I could handle him, you know, in case he gets restless. I was also concern if it might hurt my shoulder if I were to carry him around for a long time. Plus, I was not entirely confident that I was wearing him right.

That was then. Now I'm a confident babywearer! Woohoo! The key to a non-sakit shoulder is to wear it right ;)

I wear him whenever we go somewhere inconvenient for a stroller (i.e. doctor's appointment) or when he doesn't wanna be in the stroller. For example, we went out over the weekend and put Raees in his trusted stroller. Somehow he became restless. So it was my sling to the rescue!

Raees likes being worn! I guess it's because he can see what we adults see and the fact that he's close to me makes him more calm. All he did was look around and didn't say much. Probably overwhelmed by the sight - the different environment and crowd.

When he got hungry, he started biting the ring. That's my cue to feed him. So off we went to the little baby room. Notice how empty it is when we went in...

Once Raees was done, it was as if all babies at the shopping mall decided to poop at the same time. Parents had to queue for a diaper change!

Once Raees was filled, he was in a much better mood and it was back to the stroller for him! Just look at my boy...

He looks like he had an overdose of milk, kan? :D


Suliana said...

haha.. overdose milk?? okla tu if dengan EBM ..hehe.. i pun igt nak try satu la, tapi takut sakit bahu & baby tu selesa tak duduk dlm tu??

Adrina Adi said...

salam irin,

wah, besarnya Raess. macam budak setahun dua dah.. :)

dia pun jarang sakit kan?

IRIN PUTRI said...

Suliana: kalau pakai betul2, tak sakit bahu and baby comfortable. It's better than the carrier biasa tu coz this one dia support kat bumbum baby instead of his crotch.

Adrina: yeah Raees big boy dah :) baru2 ni first time dia sakit...at 8months old. Org tua kata sakit tu tanda nak start jalan. Hehe..

lynda said...

salam irin,

seronok tengok u dapat menyusu lagi n buat stok utk raes...
Raes pon sihat...tembam..

kaklong nuzula said...

Salam irin.. U fully BF/ EBF ek? Tahniah n all the best.. :)

p/s: happy baby-wearing!!

RuZaNNa said...

Look at those tembam legs you have Raees!! geram tgk!

glam.mama said...

Hooray for babywearing! Next up: learn how to breastfeed Raees in the sling ;)


IRIN PUTRI said...

lynda: Alhamdulillah, susu still banyak :)

kaklong: yeap, fully breastfeeding. thank you :)

ruzanna: those tembam legs makin ligat merangkak!

adriana: i thought breastfeeding in the sling is for smaller babies only. big boy like Raees too?

lily lotus said...

eee makin hensem ur lil boy ni :)


Raees so chubby skrang?
takpe hasil mommy's milk..;)
btw,berapa dah berat Raees??

he's so cute in sling..wish I would babywearing for my next baby ;)

Nini dear.. said...

overdose milk right?..yup...can see it!..haha..thumbs up to mummy

rara said...

overdose of milk? hahahha.. raees dah chubby sikit tapi makin cute!!

p/s: saw u at jom heboh putrajaya last sat tapi tak sempat nak tegur sebab ramai sangat orang

Tuty Irma said...

irin, you might want to try BF while he is sitting inside the sling. provided you wear a right tops. haha it is soooo easy.

airin diana said...

wah.. nice! i never try any slings. eventho rs nak try jugak, tgk mommies2 lain. sure ke tak sakit bahu? i'm afraid my baby tak bleh dok diam jeik. skali dia berpusing2, dgn i skali berpusing..hehe

IRIN PUTRI said...

lily: thanx :D

mommy nadia: raaes dah 9.7kg...turun 0.1kg after dia demam, batuk and selsema hari tu.

and you should try babywearing for next one ;)

nini: hehe..raees duduk tersandar mcm kenyang sangat.

rara: u were at putrajaya? ala..kenapa tak tegur je?

tuty: tak tau how cooperative he will be when he BF inside the sling but it's worth a try :)

airin: tak sakit sebab ada padding kat part bahu tu and pakai betul2 so that the weight is spread out properly. also baby's weight still tak terlampau berat..so ok lah. i read you can go til baby is 12kg.

glam.mama said...

Its surprisingly easy to breastfeed in a sling - I do it all the time, even with my almost 15-month-old. And the other day, just for kicks, I wore my eldest (coming to 3yrs) and tried breastfeeding him in it - whaddya know, we could do it!

Forgot to mention...perhaps now its time to try out more sling ;) You're welcome to my place to see my stash. Dekat jer, dtg weeknights pun takpe. Sambil tu I boleh demo how to BF while BW :)


IRIN PUTRI said...

Adriana, thanks for the invitation! I shall drop by one day. Curious to find out how to breastfeed in a sling ;)