Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tok Wan and Me

I'm proud to say I have a very cool Tok Wan! He never fails to make me laugh. For example, he knows how much I love water so some times he would dip my feet in the sink filled with water.

Anything involving water will lift my mood instantly and it gets me laughing and smiling from ear to ear!

I also love the outdoors! I love going out for a ride in the car and seeing new faces and places.

But with H1N1 emerging again, daddy says I mustn't go out unnecessarily. Oh bummer :(

Knowing that I would get cranky if I stay indoors for too long, Tok Wan would bring me out to garden in the morning where I get to see the birds flying, bees buzzing, neighbour's dog barking and enjoy the fresh air.

While I hang out with Tok Wan, mommy and daddy would be busy getting ready for work.

Then I get to say bye-bye to mommy and daddy as they leave home. What? Seperation anxiety? Not me. You know, I've never once cried when mommy and daddy left me at home.

Macho kan? :D

That's because I know I'm in good hands of my grandparents. What would I do without them?

Some say I may grow up to be grandpa's sidekick. Hehe..that would be cool, no? Grandpa and me. Tok Wan and Raees, the dinamic Batman and Robin!

Ok I'm getting out of topic here. Point my Tok Wan!

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Nini dear.. said...

gosh..bertuahnye Raes...moga Tok Wan sentiasa dirahmati & dilindungi Allah. Amin

RuZaNNa said...

I love the 1st picture Raees with his tokwan in the toilet.. so happy!
As what the elders are saying, dpt cucu lg seronok dr dpt anak sendiri.. ehhehe..

glam.mama said...

this is so sweet! our kids are so blessed to have such loving and devoted grandparents, alhamdulillah :D hope we can do the same for our own grandkids eventually!

sarah kalam said...

so macho la...bravo Raes!!

IRIN PUTRI said...

Nini: aminnn..

Ruzanna: raees mmg happiest kat dlm toilet. Sometimes nangis kalau angkat cepat sgt. Dpt cucu lg seronok drpd dpt anak? Hehe..raees pulak first cucu. Lagi lah!

glam.mama: yeah, they have been very involved in taking care if raees. If not, I bet I would've been a SAHM :D

Sarah: raees says thanx :)