Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Milk-Filled Balloons

Disclaimer: this post is about the female anatomy.

As hard as I try to pump every 3-4 hours, there are days when I fail to reach that target. Thus leaving the milk as if screaming to come out or my boobs might burst like a water balloon.

Anyways, sometimes when I pump my engorged breasts, somewhere in there somehow one part refuses to come out. You know what I mean?

I could pump and pump and that one part just stays a lil bit hard as compared to the rest of the breast. Eventually it comes out via the pump or direct feeding.

I guess it happens to other people too, no?

A friend of mine was hospitalized for a week because of an infection of the milk duct. It's called Mastitis if I'm not mistaken, kan? The doctor had to use the needle to take out the blocked milk. She said it was like the milk turned to cheese. That freaked me out!

So the lesson here is: don't leave your breasts engorged.


RuZaNNa said...

Oh yeahh!! it happened to me as well masa bfeeding dulu.. the longest engorgement i had was about 4 days.. sampai nak sujud masa solat pun sakit gila.. sbb the b**bs jadi keras sgt2.. tried everything like tuam with air panas.. hand express.. etc.. but the letdown mmg tak dpt2.. the worst part was, i was on business travel.. mmg sampai nangis ok2 sbb tak sabar nak balik and ask for my son to help clear the milk.. heheh

Some said sbb the blocked milk duct.. itu sbb susu tak nak keluar.. ada ckp sbb emotional tak stabil, so letdown tak dpt.. mcm2 reasons..

For me, engorgement is one of the biggest challenge for me to stay bfeeding.. sbb dah tak sanggup nak rasa sakit tuh.. the sacrifices that the mommies have to go through, just to ensure the little one gets the best food :)

Suliana said...

yes, that's true.. kena stay calm, baru susu tu lancar je.. kena ada let down reflect, baru meletus2 susu kuar.hehe.. eeii.. takutnya sampai kena cucuk nenen tu.. susu jadi keju?? alhmdlh,i stkt ni ok lagi, cuma masa berpantang hari tu, sampai bentan & demam kejap sebab breast bgkak..

Nini D.. said...

perkara mcm nih mmg selalu terjadi pada ibu2 yg bfeed anak..mcm yg my mom said...'kilang susu tu jammed kejap'..boleh gitu?? hahahaha


yeap Irin..Anne is right..
so jgn simpan lama2..so kalau ur B still engorged 3-4 times during working hours, cepat2 pump..once dah kena susah...
happened to me once time confinement..tuam..and Alhamdulillah..ok after that..

p/s..dah beli PIS..mesti kerja mengepam lagik best..suka2!;)

dbalkis said...

me too experienced it once, some people say use cabbage leaves for tuam, but for me i just tuam pakai hot towel then tekan2 the skin surface yang dah engorged tu..sakit sikit but lama2 tekan and tuam dengan towel direndam air panas tu ok.

Mastitis and some call it breast abcess.

glam.mama said...

Yup I've had mastitis 3 times before. 1st time, my eldest was in NICU and I wasn't getting enough milk out, so I developed mastitis. Second time, it was a few months ago, my youngest threw a phone at my boob (seriously!) and the trauma caused clogged ducts, and I developed mastitis. Third time, I was in Hong Kong, and a stupid underwire of a stupid nursing bra caused clogged ducts and eventually mastitis.

First two times, pergi Dr, amik antibiotics. The third time, cannot go Dr and wanted so desperately to enjoy my holiday...so I spent an hour under a hot shower trying to pop the milk ducts. It hurt like hell but it worked! Yucky yellow, thick "milk" came out and I even heard a "pop"!

Pendek kata, you DO NOT want to develop mastitis! It is not a pleasant experience, I guarantee!

IRIN PUTRI said...

ruzanna: engorged for 4 days?? pam pun tak keluar ke?

suliana: the thing is, let down i ada tapi just one part tu je yg degil tak nak keluar jugak susu.

nini: hehe..so kena make sure kilang susu sentiasa on going. tak boleh stop lama2.

mommy nadia: selalunya i tak tunggu sampai engorge utk pam. it's just that sometimes takde time utk pam, sampai terpaksa tahan engorgement tu. yeah, PIS menyenangkan hidup i :D

dbalkis: i pernah dengar juga cabbage helps utk redakan bengkak tu. itu hari i tuam pakai bottle yg isi hot water.

glam mama: ouch! gotta make sure raees doesn't throw anything at my boobs. how did that bra cause clogged ducts? the wire poked you or something? and how do you pop the ducts under hot shower? massage ke?

Teena said...

hi irin! 1st time i wrote ere, hihih..well, i pun ade kene the same thing too..even still tgh pantang ni and baby minum je but susu byk sgt so sampai breast engorged...dah pump pun kdg2 ade one part tu still hard..but luckily i skang still tgh urut2 ni kan so org tu mmg urut and i kene tahan coz sakit gile, then after that susu memancut2 kuar....
ade one time that i almost demam coz breast rase mcm batu je berat and i cant do anything even dah tuam with air panas..mase nak tido tu bile mengiring rase mcm berat je sebelah...sometimes bile dah tuam tu feel better sket then lepas tu bile baby nak minum kasi breast yg engorged tu..it will be better sket...

IRIN PUTRI said...

thanx for leaving a comment teena! alhamdulillah susu you banyak. just gotta make sure you're able to maintain the susu supply even after you start kerja nanti :)

i know how you feel..breast macam batu. dah la keras, berat pulak tu! hehe..

shima said...

hi.. kak irin (first time comment kat sini ), i wifey nik remember medical student yg buat attachment kat tv3 dulu. i understand how it feel..last time im in ot and have to be in operation for 6 hours.then, after the op the surgical gown i pakai lencun with susu..then ,the male nurse ask me.."kuat betul doctor berpeluh ye" i just smile and run out to pumpit out..

IRIN PUTRI said...

Hi shima..kena pakai breast pad lebih la nak absorb susu lebih tu. Peluh kat dada je ye Dr? Haha..

Thara said...

babe! ive experienced this as well! it was so bad that i had to go to clinic! the doctor scanned and as expected, there was a blocked milk duct that prevented the milk to flow freely. she told me that if left untreated, it could lead to mastitis of which some cases, could lead to operation. brrr. anyways, she taught me how to squeeze the milk out using your thumb and index finger. not sure if u've tried this, but next time this happens (as long as the milk hasnt turned to cheese haha) try to massage the area using your thumb down to your nipple. when you reach the nipple, using your thumb and index finger, express the milk out and repeat this process a few times. it worked for me! :) oh and it will hurt, but it will hurt even more if u dont get the flow going!

airin diana said...

true, it hurts! i got the same engorgement pain during my confinement. i hv to ask my mom to massage it coz i cant do it alone since it hurts-so i tend to massage very lightly on my b. sort of cheating la. luckily after the painful massage, the milk flowed smoothly.thank God i didnt hv to go thru the pain for more than a day.
ive read cabbage does help with the engorgement, and somehow it'll eventually stop it-most likely forever! tu petua org tua2, and ive read it thru babycenter it is true scientifically. so utk bf mom like us, we dont want that to happen, rite?

roziah said...

hi irin, 1st time i leave a comment here, heheh..i've experienced this for 3 times. sakit sangat2..rase macam sakit bersalin pun tak seksa macam tuh..pegi klinik, doctor cuma bole bagi ubat utk stopkan susu jer. tapi sayang la kan..so, tanggung la sakit demi utk anak kita tuh...1 of my fren suggested to me utk guna kobis. memang mujarab la. sejuk rasenye, lega sangat..then, tuam dengan air panas..lepas tu byk la susu yg keluar..for me, experience utk bersalin, confinement semuanya alhamdulillah mudah tapi for 3 times still jugak kene bengkak susu nih..bile dah bengkak, guna pump pun tak membantu..sebab lubang susu tu baru nak develop kan..so, nanti if any of you yang kene bengkak susu nih, bole la try guna kobis & tuam dengan hot water..

RuZaNNa said...

Irin, the pump didn't help at all sbb the suction power is not as strong as my son's.. hehhe.. itu sebab yg tak sabar nak balik after the outstation..
So bila balik, i would take a long warm bath, guna air from hot shower to tuam the 'batu area'.. then only bfeed my son..
Below are the 2 posts i wrote during engorgement and after that... :)

IRIN PUTRI said...

airin: Your mom tak kasi chance time massage tu ye? Mesti meraung2 masa tu kan? Hehe.. Nasib baik mak pandai urut.

Thara: kelas..doctor siap scan tu! Haven't tried that massage before. Will do if it happens again...along with tuam and cabbage and other petuas I got here :)

Roziah: thanks for leaving your comment :) ubat stop susu? How long kena stop? Lepas tu susu back to normal ke? Kesian baby tak dpt minum.

Ruzanna: tak boleh imagine how you tahan for 4 days. Kalau I balik terus!

roziah said...

Yer la irin, ubat stop susu. means susu terus kering la lepas tuh. sayang kan...sbb susu kita banyak. so, untuk anak punya pasal 3-4 hari menahan sakit.Doc cakap takde ubat pun untuk bagi susu tu keluar, yg ade utk stop kan susu drpd produce. sedih kan kalau susu kita kering terus. lepas tu, I also experience masa 1st child dulu, my princess tu sendiri yg stop breastfeed after dia 6mths, then kita takde la pump & buang sbb tak pernah tahu, buat macam biasa jer la. In a week kene bengkak breast sbb susu tak buang keluar. sakitnye laa, Tuhan jer yg tahu. Demam dibuatnye.Then, my mum bawak gi urut.kiranye susu dah jadik keju laa..after that, baru la ok. Bile dah tahu tuh, hati2 la masa 2nd child..