Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cheeky Cheekier

Raees' toothless smile can melt any heart (Yeah, still no gleaming pearls. But there's no need to rush, right?). If you think his smile is cute, just check out his CHEEKY smile!

Before you mention it, yes, his crib will be put at a lower level as soon as possible. He just doesn't wanna sit or roll around in the crib anymore but enjoys standing instead. Strenghtening his leg muscles I presume. Can't wait to walk eh, Raees?

Anyhoo, did you know that Raees doesn't just give a CHEEKY smile but also makes a much MUCH CHEEKIER smile?

He cringes his nose and makes his eyes so small you think they're closed. In fact he leaves them open so very slightly to enable him to see people laughing and enjoying his adorable look.

Such an entertainer, this boy :)

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Thara said...

omg geramnyaaaa tengok that last picture of him! grrrr! aydein pon sometimes would do that when he's being feeling cheeky. seriously adorable! :D hugs and kisses from auntie thara to baby raees! :D

Suliana said...

memang comel:-) macam2 pandai dah raees ye..

Nini dear.. said...

hehehe...kemana tumpahnye kuah,..kalau xke nasi,ye x? :)

salimah said...

time die buat muka2 camni lagi cute..geram jer tgk raees ni..

nerry nerry strawbery said...

ha ha noti raess...

IRIN PUTRI said...

Thara: yeah couldn't help feeling so geram at his cheekiness! Grr..

Suliana: hehe..tu lah. Makin pandai buat org ketawa.

Nini: maksudnya mommy raees pun cheeky? :D

salimah: dia tau buat muka cute, selalu je dia buat. Hehe..

Nerry: notti sikit2 je :D Boleh lari2 nanti lg notti..Tunggulah.. Muahaha..

Yours Truly said...

cutenyer baby raees....he's so adorable la irin!